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What brand is the car on the Om du var här / If you were here cover

It is a 1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Saloon. It was bought in 1997 by Martin Roos and he still owns it.

Is there any stores selling kent merchandise

The only way to buy the full line of official kent merchandise (apart from at the concerts) is through the official kent merchandise store (and yes they ship worldwide). There are also some other swedish stores and webstores who sell a limited line of merchandise, for example (they also ship worldwide).

Why is 747 named 747?

There are some different and very interesting theories;
1. The song 747 could be interpreted to depict an aircrash and 747 is an airplane built by Boeing. The cover of the album Isola was supposed to have a picture of a Boeing 747, mistakenly the pictures were of a Boeing 737.
2. The worlds biggest planecrash occurred on Tenerife march 27 1977 when two Boieng 747 crashed and 583 people were killed. 20 years later (1997) kent releases the song 747. Coincident or not?
3. According to Joakim Berg the producer Zed used a stringsampling numbered 747 during the making of the song.
4. According to Joakim Berg the producer Zed coincidentally made the final mixing of the song to be 7:47 in length.
5. If you ad up all the numeral values of the alphabetical cybils (a=1, b=2 and so on) in the names of kents members during the time they made Isola the total value is 747.

Are there limited slipcase versions of Vapen & Ammunition?

No. A kent fan made his own Vapen & Ammunition slipcase versions but there are no official ones. There are two limited CD issues of Vapen & Ammunition, one with a black cover and one with a white cover but none of these were released with slipcases. The only slipcase issue existing is the limited Isola Slipcase CD issue

Is the song Aldrig a song made by kent?

No, it is a song by the Swedish group Saft, falsely spread as a new kent track on the internet.

Why is Kräm named Kräm (Cream)

Beacuse Martin Roos allways used to say; "We have to put more cream (power) in the guitars man" when kent were rehersing the song.

Why does the tape in the video for Dom andra say "Guns & Ammunition"?

Because kent was planning to release the album in english before their international launch was put to rest.

What was "the white concert"?

During the summer of 2003 kent made only one liveshow. The show was held at Stockholm Stadion June 6th, the swedish national day. Kent suggested the audience to wear typical summer white and celebrate together with the band and the 32 000 people in the crowd obliged. Pretty much all of the stage and equipment was white as well making it an exeptional experience; a big ocean of white.

Was the White Concert filmed to be released as a live DVD?

The show was filmed using two cameras but the material was edited and printed in only five copies as personal souveniers for kents members and never intended to be released. Kent keeps stating that they will never release any live material because of two reasons: 1. a live experience should be live and not reproduced 2. paying live doesnt give the band 100% control of the quality and kent wants their released material to be exactly as they intend it to be.

Does kents members communicate with fans on the official website?

Yes, all members have answered questions from the fans in the past on he official site. Joakim frequently posts messages in the forum on the offcial kent website.

Is there kent songs called Döda Dagar, Ellen and Alpha?

Yes, they are all demo song that never made it to the final recording and they have never been officially released.

Has kent recorded music for commercial use?

Martin Sköld made two singles together with Martin Nåid Landkvist under the name Peking Laundry. One of the songs were used in a commercial made by the ad agency Forsman & Bodenfors for the swedish jeansstore JC. The commercial was actually directed by Adam Berg. Martin Sköld has also produced a cover of the Beach Boys classic "God only knows" that was featured in a swedish TV-commercial for the pension fund AMF. It was produced by the ad-agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Forsman & Bodenfors says only the material needed for the commercial was recorded and that there is no full song. Kent also wrote Nålens Öga as a signature to a tv-documentary series about childabuse broadcasted by swedish TV4. The song was released as single and all profit from sales was donated to Swedish Save The Children.

Has kent participated in any commercials?

Yes, Harri and Sami has figured in a finnish TV-commercial for Koff beer.

Has kent recorded any covers?

No but they have performed two covers live: during the 90's they played Depeche Mode's Stripped live quite a few times, and during the Hultsfred gig in 2006 they performed the Go Betweens Quiet Hearts as a tribute since the singer of that band died. The song had a big impact on the members of kent when they were young. There are how ever some official recordings of other bands covering kent songs, they can be found on the covers section on this site.

Has kent "killed" the song Kräm?

Yes, at he 2006 Haugesund gig in Norway June 16th Jocke stated that it was the last time ever the band played the song. At the Hultsfred festival the night after he said that the band buried the song in Haugesund because thay have allways had such a hard time getting the song right when playing it live. They had also printed a t-shirt that was sold alongside the rest of kents merchandise at the festival. The t-shirt had an obituary stating "Our beloved single, albumtrack and livesong KRÄM (born feb 12 1996 dead june 16 2006) has suddenly passed away after a long period of illness. Joakim, Sami, Markus, Harri". Martins name is not on the T-shirt, probably because he did not grieve the death of the song in the same way as the others. In the kent documentary there is a scene where the band discuss the set list and Martin says "Do we have to play that damn song?" when Kräm is mentioned.

Have kent recorded Dom Andra in finnish?

No but a finnish singer called Reijo Taipale has recorded a cover of the song Dom Andra in finnish. Its called "Ihan kuin nuo toiset" and Reijo also made a spoof video.

Is Kräm a cover of an oldies song?

No, but a prank song sounding like an oldies dance version of Kräm by a band called Kenths has been spread on the internet.

Are there any links between kent and the motion picture "Blade Runner"?

Yes there are quite a few links between kent and the 1982 scifi movie Blade Runner. First a brief background: The movie was directed by Ridely Scott starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hanna and Sean Young. It was based on the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick and featured a soundtrack made by Vangelis. Ridley Scott exceeded the $21.5 million budget while shooting and the movie ended up costing $28 million. This also meant that the rights of the movie was turned over to the film's bond-completion guarantors. Before the film premiered it was recut against Ridely Scotts will, a narrating voice was added and the end was changed to a more happy one. Now to the kent connections:
1. In the Hevenly Junkies lyrics you find the following lines; "I saw a film, future visions of now. They changed the end cause they always do somehow", this could very likely be a reference to Blade Runner. The link gets even stronger if you read the lyrics in the swedish version of the song where its more outspoken.
2. In the movie Rutger Hauers character Roy Batty speaks the following lines during a key scene; "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams ... glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die." In the kent song Rollercoaster on the album Hagnesta Hill you find the following lines; "All those memories will be lost in time, Like tears in the rain"
3. In the movie theres something called Off-World Colonies, in short OWC, which is the title of a song on the kent album Isola. If you watch the scene in Blade Runner where Harrison Fords carachter Deckard gets a drink for the replicant Rachael after revealing her memories are implants, you will hear a piano theme that is very similar to the piano opening in the kent song OWC. The theme in the scene is actually taken from a previous Vangelis song called Memories of green from the album See you later and it was incorporated into the Blade Runner soundtrack with its original name.

Are there any reference of well known characters in kents songs?

You can find lots, its all up to the listeners own interpretation but some references are very outspoken. Some examples; In the song Frank both Slade, Kiss, Bowie, and Sweet is mentioned. Bowie is mentioned in many other songs too; for instance in About Golden Years; "He is the thin, white duke singing about golden years" and in the song Hur jag fick dig att älska mig from Vapen & Ammuition where Jocke sings about Bowies alter ego Ziggy (Stardust). In the song Klåparen Jocke sings "your hair newly cut, looking as your irish idol", probably a reference to Bono. Both actors Michael Cain and Robin Wright Penn is mentioned in the song Palace & Main. These are just examples and loads more can be found.

Is Joakim Berg nicknamed "Nelson"?

Nelson was the name of a rhinoceros baby born in Kolmnården Zoo in Sweden february 10th 1995, he was sick and died after only 10 days. Kent was supposed to give a concert at Studion in Stockholm february 22nd but Joakim Berg was to sick to perform and the gig was cancelled and moved to another date. This incident earned Joakim the nickname "Nelson". Its still printed on the backside of his touring plectrums.
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