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sadly kent will disband december 17 2016, click here to read all about it.

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older news

2012-05-23; kentjunkie 5 year anniversary + new kent merchandise!

kent pop up store in Eskilstuna Today has been online for five years! Thank you for the last five years and keep visiting!

On thursday kent opens this years touring at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the first of six exclusive gigs at smaller venues. Vega is followed by Rockerfeller in Oslo, Norway on friday and Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday. After that kent will play Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Malmö. June 27 kent kicks off the summer tour in Helsinki. Full tour plan with ticket info can be found in the toursection.

The same day kent play at Lokomotivet in Eskilstuna (May 31) at 13.00 local time a 35 square meter pop up store selling new and old kent merchandise will open in Eskilstuna. It will be located in Citytuhuset and will be open until August 31. Opening hours will be week days 10.00-19.00, Saturdays 10.00-16.00, Sundays 12.00-16.00. Check out the new 2012 merchandise here.

Swedish radio station Rix FM has made their own "999" radio edit, thus changing the original song beyond recognition. Yesterday kent published two ironic replies at Sami's Soundcloud, here, and here.

If you follow on Facebook or Twitter I'm sure you have already seen the live video of the second single from the new album. It's called "Jag ser dig" (I see you) and you can watch it here to the right. If you some how missed the live video of te first single "999" you can find it here.

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2012-04-25; the new album released and exclusive pre tour gigs in may!

Today the new kent album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" has been released and yesterday at 12.00 in Stockholm kent had a press conference regarding the new album. All types of media, bloggers and fan media was invited and there was about 100-150 people present. You can watch the press conference at Bambuser. To summarize; a short film was shown that presented the recording process, the kent-Waldersten book, the wine collection and also revealed dates for a few smaller club gigs before the summer tour! (tickets released on friday):

May 24 – Köpenhamn (Denmark) – Vega
May 25 – Oslo (Norway) – Rockefeller
May 26 – Stockholm – Cirkus
May 30 – Göteborg – Trädgårn
May 31 – Eskilstuna – Lokomotivet
June 2 – Malmö – KB

kent- press conference 2012 Photo by Henrik Ismarker After this kent took the stage and started answering the audience questions for about 1,5 hours. In short kent are really pleased with the new album and feel that it's their best work yet. They describe it like this:

"Sami: -The album has a very nice flow. Martin: -Its welcomming, open and nice, its no hispter shit! Its not done for a small group but for everybody. Joakim: -It has really good songs. Well writen, really genius. If it was a new band that released it they wopuld be called genius, but since its us we play by different rules. People may say that it is ok. It is really, really good. Im really satisfied."

The recording process in Studio La Fabrique was 16 days of hard but fun and rewarding work where jesper Waldersten contibuted with his interpretations of the muscial work and the other way around. I asked the band two specific questions about the new album:

Why did you choose La Fabrique?
"Martin: -we looked through a number of studios and La Fabrique seemed nice. It's important that it's a place were you can just hang and that you can sleep there and be there all the time and of course it's good if there is a mixing board and recording equipment. Sami: -We didn't know any body that had been there before or anything but it looked nice in the photos. We kind of took a chance. Joakim: -When recording you look for a place to finnish your thoughts. In Stockholm theres always your private life and hard to get focus and flow. We were at Le Fabrique for 16 days and during the day you get the time to finnish what you start and that's why you go away. It is not that important where we go. This studio looked very nice and it wasn't extremely expensiv, they had all the equipment we wanted. And most of all it was in France, and that's nice."

The egyptian theme; is there any thoughts behind that?
"Joakim: -There was a song we made three days before we went to France. It's called Isis & Bast and the egyptian theme comes from that. Isis & Bast was a nice sounding name and the egyptian style is very, very graphic. Sami: -It's very cleand and simple. Joakim: -We usually have long discussions about the album cover and we often come up with a graphic theme before we make the music but this time it all went so fast and suddenly we had a complete album in our hands. Usually we build an entire world that is easy to turn in to graphics. In this case it was not like that, it just turned out the way it did. We don't allways think about how things come about. Sami: -It is very rare that we plan ahead like that, we throw out the pieces and try to see a pattern and work from there. There is never an exact thought behind exactly how things will look from the start. A lot of things are just random. We are four good judges when it comes to deciding what is good or not."

A more extensive translation of parts of the press conference will be published at shortly. The photo above was taken by Henrik Ismarker.

2012-04-24; wine, songs, books and a press conference!

If you follow kentjunkie on Twitter and Facebook you know a lot of this allready, otherwise like on Facebook or follow @kentjunkie on Twitter and you will be updated more frequently;

March 30 kent released a bonus track called Ett år utan sommar (A year without summer) on
On April 20 kent published some cryptic codes on their twitter (@KentTheBand). If you are a Spotify user and put the codes in the search box in Spotify you could listen to 4 new tracks from the album. If you have not heard the songs you can find a Spotify playlists with 999 and the 4 sneak released tracks here.
Lyrics to the four new songs were posted by Joakim Berg here.
The gold print on the physcial single lead to some delays in manufacturing and the CD-single was released April 13. The vinyl issue of 999 was finally released yesterday (April 23). The album (CD and digipack) is released Wednesday 24 (vinyl LP May 9). Titles of the album track's can be found here.

Tomorrow 12.00 local Swedish time (10:00 GMT) kent has arranged a press conference in Stockholm. The press conference is open to all types of media (fan sites and blogs included). Of course kentjunkie will be there to give you an in depth report this evening. At there will be a bambuser stream and Aftonbladet will probably stream the press conference too. You kan keep your self updated at twitter too (#kentpress).

kent-waldersten art book On April 12 the following press statment was released on
When Swedens largest rock band kent releases a new album it's the event of the year in music-Sweden: April 25 they release "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret". At the same time the book we have never seen i released. "Kent Waldersten - Lägg er inte i!" (translates to "Don't interfere!") is a close to cosmic meeting between music, art, design and the art of book printing.

In close cooperation with the band the artist Jesper Waldersten has created a real work of art, as beautiful and multifaceted as kent's music. In text and mainly pictures and photos, Jesper Waldersten interprets the band, the new album and their work during the recording of it. The result is a fantastic book that will be loved, not only by kent's fans but by book lovers and Jesper Walderstens audience. "Will you come along, we travel in eight days?" - I got to follow the band during 17 intense days and nights in November 2011 in a old factory just outside Saint Remy in Provence during the recording of the "album with more titles than songs". On the way home I ha a horrible dihorrea. Thats what you get when you had fun, been inspired, when the throttles been wide open, when the secret doors have been flapping in the wind. Serves me right maybe, or... serves you right! /Jesper Waldersten"

Check out The book is 300 pages (3,1 kg) and available for order from April 25. It is released by and you can order the book here.

kent edizione More news: March 30 kent announced they are launching their own collection of wine. "Starting May 2nd a collection of three wines from Tua Rita called Kent Edizione will be available for special order at Systembolaget in Sweden and is imported by Vinovativa.

Kent Edizione consist of:

I. A red table wine; "kent I Edizione Toscana Rosso Tua Rita" ( 119 SEK) and consist of 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.

II. A better whit wine; "kent II Edizione Toscana Bianco Tua Rita" (139 SEK) a third each of Trebbiano, Vermentino and Ansonica.

III. A red prestigious wine; "Kent III Edizione Toscana Rosso Tua Rita" (179 SEK) with 80% Merlot and 20% Alicante.

It was during the recording of the album "Röd" in Berlin's Hansa studio that kent tried Tua Ritas most mythical wine; Redigaffi. -It was the perfect wine to start the recordings with. Nothing one opens a Tuesday night at five o clock with a bit of sausage, says Jocke Berg. Tua Rita in Maremma situated in the south of Tuscany is one of Italys best producers with lots of awards through the years. The wineyard got big international attention when wine critic Robert Parker for the first time gave an Italian wine 100 points of 100 possible for the Rdigaffi 2000. -We felt it was time to make the first really good artist wine and we instantly picked Tua Rita. As this is the first time we do a collaboration like this, it is important to respect our respective crafts. Hence we let Tua Rita fully handle the art of wine, thats kind of the point, says Jocke Berg.

Behind Tua Ritas success lies vine maker Stefano Frascolla. He was both suprised and happy when wine importer Vinovativa asked about producing wines for kent. - We never had imagined to maked wines for a rock band, but since all in the band love a good wine, it felt like a project we wanted to be part of. - To see the team of wine makers in Tua Rita choose among the barrels in their cellar is like picking singles for an album, says Martin Sköld, base player and song writer.

kent at tua rita - We wanted to make a table wine too, says Jocke. We have discovered that some times it can be very liberating to have a simple but nice table wine in large glasses and drink it in big gulps. It doesn't have to be so serious all the time. - This is one of those things you can't do as a rock band in Sweden. We know that we will get trashed for it and of course that makes it extra fun, ends Jocke Berg. (photos; bottles by Vinovativa, from the vineyard: Thomas Ökvist)"

Curious about the kent members side projects? Have a listen at Sami and Martins pages on Sound Cloud or check out Martins side project Polaroid Kiss.

More news to follow after the press conference tomorrow.

2012-03-27; 999 live video and single release!

cover If you follow on Twitter or Facebook you have already seen the covers for the new album and the singel 999 (to the right) that was revealed friday last week. You also know that a live session video of the new single 999 was recorded last week and that it will be published at 19.00 GMT tonight at (20.00 London time, 21.00 local Swedish time).

The single 999 will also be avialable as download on iTunes from midnight Swedish time tonight (GMT 22.00) in 30 countries (more will follow). The physical single is released tomorrow March 28. You can order the singel (CDM or limited vinyl 7'') as well as pre order the album (CD, Digipack or limited Vinyl LP all released April 25) at Bengans.

The new artwork features scenes from ancient egypt. The "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" album cover shows the sun (Aten) shining over the gods Bast (also known as Bastet) and Isis. Joakim Berg also revealed the Swedish lyrics for the new single 999 on friday last week.

2012-03-22; pre order kents new single and album with global shipping!

pre order kents new album at bengans You can pre order kent's new single and album in all different issues with global shipping at

The latest issue of the Swedish magazine Café was released Tuseday. It features a photo article from kent's recording sessions for the new album in France. The photos was taken by Jesper Waldersten. You can see some of the photos at Cafés website and there is also a translation of the article here.

Swedish DJ and producer Adrian lux has released a new song called "All I Ever Wanted" featuring Joakim Berg on vocals. You can listen to the song at SounCloud. You can also check out Adrian Lux on Facebook.

2012-03-19; release dates and new tourdates!

Joakim Berg with the CD master for Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret Yesterday kent tweeted some nice news through their official Twitter feed (@KentTheBand). Here is a translation:
"999 (the new single) will be released March 28! April 25 (the album) Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret will be released. Hold your breath." Earlier they also wrote; "On friday we should have performed 999 in a big tv-show with a Norwegian host but they thought the song was too long and wanted to cut 2.53 away. They were afraid people would "change channel". So we said no. Since we had allready booked rehearsals with the crew and everything we will record it our selves and will broadcast a live-version soon. We will get back regarding this!" So, a lot of nice things a head!

Kent are using twitter a lot these days so be sure to check out their tweets. On march 25 they tweeted a pic (here to the right) stating that the new album was mastered and ready. From now on is also available on Twitter (@kentjunkie) and will feed you translations on important kent news. Since a couple of days is also available on Facebook so be sure to like our page there!

The discography overview has now been updated with missing issues and the detail pages for theses issues will be up soon.

The art exhibition featuring artist Jesper Waldersten and music by Martin Sköld at Grafikens Hus in Mariefred, Sweden has been extended to May 1. You can also watch a little movie about the exhibition here.

March 8 three new tour dates were added (Karlshamn, Norrköping & Bergen). The full list of tour dates are as follows:

Kent summer tour 2012

2012-02-22   more tour dates!

Yesterday kent sent out the following press statement:
"In April kent's longed-for tenth studio album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" will be released. This summer the biggest rock band of the nordics will go on an extensive tour in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Today the tour is revealed. Kent will among other venues play Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm, Pildammsparken in Malmö and Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg. Festival gigs like Peace & Love in Borlänge and Putte i parken in Karlstad has been released earlier.

Kent summer tour 2012
27 juni – Helsingfors (Finland) – Garden party
29 juni – Borlänge – Peace & Love Festival (festival)
30 juni – Hamar (Norway) – Hamar Music Festival (festival)
6 juli – Karlstad – Putte i Parken (festival)
13 juli – Stavern (Norway) – Stavern Festivalen (festival)
14 juli – Göteborg – Trädgårdsföreningen buy ticket here
20 juli – Eskilstuna – Sundbyholms slott buy ticket here
21 juli – Varberg – Fästningen buy ticket here
28 juli – Uppsala – Uppsala slott buy ticket here
3 augusti – Sundsvall – Norrporten arena buy ticket here
4 augusti – Oslo (Norway) – On the opera house roof buy ticket here
10 augusti – Skanderborg (Denmark) – Smukfest 2012 (festival)
11 augusti – Malmö – Pildammsparken, Tallriken buy ticket here
17 augusti – Ålesund (Norway) – Jugendfest 2012 (festival)
19 augusti – Stockholm – Sjöhistoriska buy ticket here
21 augusti – Åbo (Finland) – Slottsfestival
24 augusti – Stavanger (Norway) – Rått og råde (festival)

Tickets to kent's own gigs in Sweden above are released 10.00 AM local Swedish time this thursday (feb 23) at

As you read before Jocke and Martin has written songs for former A-ha member Morten Harket's new album. During a meet and greet at Fnac on January 29 in Rio de Janeiro samples of the songs on the album was played. One of the song is a cover of kent's "Kärleken Väntar" sung in english by Morten. You can hear it in the clip here to the right. Joakim has also written about this in the forum at
"It was Mortens own idea. He wanted to do "Dom Andra" as well, but he didn't, I think because of the time schedule and the trouble in writing a english lyric that matches the original. He loved those songs and wanted to try to do english versions. I, who ran to the store to buy A-ha's first record the day it was released (june 1st 1985 aparently and one of the first 10 albums I bought with my own money, and one of the best) thought it was a fun idea. Then Martin and I wrote another song, it is the first song in that clip. Possibly, another song I wrote together with a guy called Jonas Quant will also end up on the album."
You can also listen to the whole song that Jocke and Martin has written for Morten on youtube. It's called Lightning and is the first single from the album. The single will be released March 9 and the album April 13 in Norway.

More news: Kent guitarist Sami Sirviö has worked together with West End Girls member Isabelle Erkendal in a new project named Lonely Girl. Isabelle and Sami has written the songs on the forthcoming album "Frog the ball" together and Sami has produced the album in kent's studio "Park Studio". The album is described as indiepop and bits of electronica with a 90s touch but a more modern sound. You can listen to the song Time Of Silence from the coming album at soundcloud.

And some sad news: 2011-12-20 Swedish music journalist Jan Gradvall announced on twitter that he has decided to terminate the kent book project he has been working on:
"I care too much about Kent to publish something I'm not satisfied with. Hence, after three years of work: I'm terminating the Kent-book."

Did you know that kent also has started tweeting (in Swedish). You can find their tweets under the name @KentTheBand.

2011-12-17   release month, album title and tour dates!

Joakim Berg at Le Fabrique Monday December 12 this week kent published a press release at that reads:

"In April the new album "Jag är inte rädd för mörkret" ("I'm not afraid of the dark") will be released. During the autumn the band has rehearsed new songs that was written during the past year. In November Jocke, Martin, Markus and Sami went to France, when they got back home they had a whole new album in their luggage. What does it sound like? That remains to see but the band says: "We wanted to do a collection of songs where only the best melodies had a place. Proud, hopeful and free (well, almost) of self pity. We wanted to, once again, use the unit we are when we play magic songs together in a room. You are gonna love it!"

This summer kent goes on tour and have allready released the following tour dates:

June 29 - Borlänge, Sweden - Peace & Love Festival (festival)
June 30 - Hamar, Norway - Hamar Music Festival (festival)
July 6 - Karlstad, Sweden - Putte i Parken (festival)
July 13 - Stavern, Norway - Stavern Festivalen (festival)
July 14 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Trädgårdsföreningen buy ticket here
August 4 - Oslo, Norway - On the opera house roof buy ticket here
August 9 - Skandeborg, Denmark - Smukfest 2012 (festival)
August 17 - Ålesund, Norway - Jugendfest 2012 (festival)
August 21 - Åbo/Turku, Finland - Slottsfestival (festival)

More tour dates to come.

More news:
November 30 Swedish music journalist Per Sinding-Larsen posted some pics from kent's recording sessions in France in this blog post He also posted the following greetings from the band; "We have been very busy, but damn it will be great :)".

Curious about the studio in France where kent recorded during November? The studio is called Le Fabrique, check it out.

This years edition of Swedish public service radio P3s fundraiser Musikhjälpen collects money for every girls right to education. One way they raise money is by auctions for lots of things throug the ebay site Tradera. Among the objects is a 4x3 meter promotional Vapen & Ammunition back drop. It's from the record store Bengan's in Gothenburg and was signed by all members during a record signing 2002. You can bid on it here and the auction ends tomorrow at 15:30 GMT +1.

2011-11-22   kent is recording album 10!

kent in studio to record album no 10 Today Tuesday november 22 kent announced on their official website that they have started recordings for their tenth studio album:

"Hi friends! We are extremely glad to announce that we have started sessions for album 10. We are currently residing in a studio in the south of France where we are putting together new wicked songs for yet another magic album. It's gonna be really great! Hugs and kisses kent."

Pics from the studio in France has been uploaded on both Friday last week and today. So, extremely exiting news and a new album ahead!

Allthough this is the first official news regarding the band since the last single was released in October 2010 the members have been involved in a lot of side projects the last year. Here is a short summary of other kent related news from 2011:

Joakim Berg's brother Adam Berg win an award for his short film In at Gothenburg International Film Festival. Joakim Berg and Martin Sköld has created the music featured in the movie.

kent win three awards in the Gaffa magazine for 2011; Swedish album of the year (En plats i Solen), Swedish band of the year and Swedish hit of the year (Skisser för sommaren).

Martin Sköld and Joakim Berg host their own radio show "Kentlist" that airs 11 PM ET the first thursday of each month on Spectrum at Sirius satellite radio.

The first single from the Erik Hassle EP "Mariefred Sessions" is released. Martin Sköld and Joakim Berg has contributed both writing material and producing the EP.

Martin Sköld collaborates with members from The Cure and Placebo among others in the band Polaroid Kiss.

kent signs a new record deal with Universal Music, thus leaving Sony Music/BMG after 16 years.

Joakim Berg sings the Swedish version of the song "You might think" for the Swedish adaption of the Pixar movie "Cars 2". The movie is called "Bilar 2" in Swedish and the song is called "Det känns perfekt".

Martin Sköld is guest DJ together with music journalist Jonna Berg during four night's in Swedish public service radio station P3 playing music from their personal collections.

Joakim Berg and Martin Sköld has co-written the song My Crown for Danish band The Storm's new album.

Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld as well as Pet Shop Boys will help A-ha's Morten Harket to write material for his new solo album.

Martin Sköld has written music for swedish artist Jesper Waldersten's current art exhibition in Sweden.

2010-10-08   new kent single

kent - ismael + varje gång du möter min blick, cds Today Friday October 8 a new single from the lates kent album is released in Sweden. It is a double a-side single containing the album tracks Ismael and Varje gång du möter min blick. It will be released as CD single in a limited edition of 1000 copies, buy it now here if you live in the EU. For global shipping visit Bengans. You can also buy the tracks or the whole album at iTunes for example.

The kent book "Vi skall alla en gång dö", written by music journalist Jan Gradvall was originally scheduled for release this spring but has still no confirmed release date. This summer Jan Gradvall wrote through twitter about the late release: "The horror, the horror. Still writing. It might be released before Christmas or early 2011".

Kent is nominated in the category Best Swedish Act at MTV Europe Music AWard. The gala is held November 7 in Madrid. You can vote here.

Kent also won best live group at the Rockbjörnen gala September first. It was kent´s 11th standard Rockbjörnen award since 1996. They also won a special Rockbjörnen award for "best contribution to Swedish music" in 1998. No other Swedish band or artist has won as many Rockbjörnen awards (13) and Grammis awards (19) as kent.

Update of the discography plus historic concert and set lists are coming up soon.

2010-07-19   kent summer update

kent merchandise summer 2010 Three new t-shirts has been designed for the summer tour. The t-shirts are avialable in the new online merchandise shop. You can also find older merchandise at the old online shop.

The kent 2010 summer tour is well under way and has got great reviews so far. The tour opening in Borlänge got fantastic reviews. Some fans say that the concert in Eskilstuna was one of the best kent concerts ever even thoug it rained. Unfortunately the gig at the Hultsdfred festival july 7 was cancelled as the whole festival filed for bankruptcy in the end of june due to poor ticket sales. This is sad news about one of Swedens oldest and most beloved festivals. kent has made six performances at the Hultsfred festival over the years and one of their eraliest gigs as kent was in a beer tent at the Hultsfred festival back in 1994.

The kent 2010 summer tour has ten stops left and last week all tickets for the gig in Stockholm was sold out. Punks Jum Up (who have remixed kent´s Vy från ett luftslott) vill be supporting act in Stockholm. Roll The Dice has been acting support in Eskilstuna and will do so in Helsingborg and Gothenburg too. You can find a complete tour plan in the kentjunkie tour section. Until the kentjunkie set list section has been updated you will find set lists at the forum.

kents new album En plats i solen was released digitally june 23 and was availble in stores june 24 and it went straight to no 1 on the Swedish album list and is currently at no 1 for the third week in a row. The album is also no 1 in Finland, no 2 in Norway and no 4 in Denmark! The double A side single Galmla Ullevi/Skisser för sommaren was also place no 1 and 2 in the singles list when they were released in Sweden in the end of june. The vinyl issue of En plats i solen has allready been sold out during pre order. You can order the cd album with global shipping through Bengans.

2010-06-23   digital album release today and vinyl release in july!

kent - En plats i solen - vinyl release july 2010 Today june 23 at 05.00 GMT the new kent album will be available as download at the music store widget. The album will be released in iTunes on thursday and to all other digital distributors on monday. The physical album will start shipping to the nordic stores tomorrow as well.

In the end of july the album will also be released in a colored vinyl edition limited to 1000 copies. You can pre order the vinyl issue with global shipping at Bengans.

2010-06-14   new single released today, new album june 30!

kent new album En plats i solen released june 30 Today a brand new kent single was digitally released! It features the double a-sides "Gamla Ullevi" and "Skisser för sommaren". June 30 kent´s ninth studio album "En plats i solen" (A place in the sun) will be released. The album was written early this spring and has been produced and recorded by kent and Stefan Boman in the Psych bunker/Park Studio in Älvsjö.

Tracklist "En plats i solen" (with translations):

01. Glasäpplen (Glass apples)
02. Ismael (Ismael)
03. Skisser för sommaren (Sketches for the summer)
04. Ärlighet Respekt Kärlek (Honesty Respect Love)
05. Varje gång du möter min blick (Every time you meet my eyes)
06. Ensam lång väg hem (Lonely long way home)
07. Team building (Team building)
08. Gamla Ullevi (Old Ullevi)
09. Minimalen (The Minimal)
10. Passagerare (Passengers)

kent new singel june 14 The single can be bought as download at and at itunes for example.
You can pre order the album at Bengans with international shipping.

July 1st kent start their summer tour at the Peace &; Love festival in Borlänge, Sweden. You can find a complete tour plan in the kentjunkie tour section.

2010-05-25   singstar kent released may 26

Singstar kent PS3 Tomorrow on may 26 Singstar kent will be released! A release party will be held in Stockholm. 10 happy fans will attend the party after winning invites at Singstar kent will be released both for Playstation 3 and Playstation 2. For a complete list of material on the kent Singstar editions go here.

Time has been scarce during the spring and the kentjunkie discography and other sections are still being updated, meanwhile some news from the past two months:

May 3rd a book called "Dom kallades Mods" (They were called Mods) was released in Sweden. The subject of the book is a classic Swedish TV-documentary trilogy called "Mods Trilogin" (The Mod Trilogy). It was directed by Stefan Jarl and depicts persons on the brink of society during three decades. It starts of in the mod subculture of Stockholm during 1968 in the first film "Dom kallar oss Mods" (English title; "They call us Misfits") . The book features comments on the trilogy by Sami Sirviö and Markus Mustonen among others. The book is written by Isabelle Erkendal and Urban Svensson with the help of Rebecca Negussie.

The Swedish band Familjen (Johan T Karlsson) who toured with kent during the autumn of 2008 has released a new album called "Mänskligheten". It features Martin Sköld and Sami Sirviö on the song "När planeterna stannat".

This summer kent tours again and you can find a complete tour plan in the kentjunkie tour section. Unfortunately the concert in Arendal, Norway july 27 has been cancelled. On the other hand two new stops have been added; Oslo and kent´s own home town Eskilstuna.

Don´t miss out on the lates tour merchandise. It is now available in a new online shop. You can also find older merchandise at the old online shop.

During the festival "Piteå dansar och ler" in Piteå there will be a big exhibition featuring both kent´s album art, posters and photos by Jonas Linell plus fan contributions. Contact the festival at if you want to contribute.

You might have seen the alternative video version for the song Idioter posted earlier. A video was also recorded during the winter tour premiere in Stockholm February 25. If you haven´t seen it yet; enjoy!

2010-03-05   kent´s concert in helsinki moved + new single

The grim nordic winter has delayed the kent tour. This morning a ferry heading for Finland with kent´s five trucks of equipment was delayed. A few hours later the ferry got stuck in the ice of the baltic sea. During thursday about 50 ships was stuck in the thick ice and at about 1800 hours the ferry got help from a ice breaking ship to go back to Stockholm. It will sail for Finland tomorrow morning but this means that the trucks wont be in time for kent´s concert in Helsinki. Due to this the Helsinki concert has been moved two days, from friday to sunday. Same place, same time and all bought tickets are valid. Kent are deeply sorry for this but hope to see all fans in Helsinki on Sunday. For refunds, please contact your ticket vendor before 18.00 GMT +1 on saturday.

Read about the past weekends Stockholm gigs in the kentjunkie concert review section. Until the kentjunkie set list section is updated you will find set lists from the tour at the forum at On PSL there are also three interview clips with kent from right before the tour premier. You can also watch them on

On monday the third single from Röd will be digitally released. Idioter will be released as a five track EP/MCD.

1. Idioter (Singelversion)
2. Taxmannen (Andreas Tilliander Remix)
3. Ensamheten (Andrea Parker Remix)
4. Ensamheten (Erase Remix)
5. Idioter (Demo)

Physical release is march 10. You can allready watch the single version video:

2010-02-26   kent spring tour premiere

Last night kent kicked off their spring tour in Stockholm. All in all a very convincing and revitalized kent on stage. The hard pleasing Stockholm audience politely nodded their heads from the no brain opening of Taxmannen until the third song Du är ånga. After that kent went on an overwhelming music spree that the audience just kept on embracing. New songs blended with revitalized oldies in a consictant and inspiring flow of energy that sparked the audience in to a frenzy at a grand finale of falling fireworks. This is also the first night since about 1997 that kent DID NOT play 747 as closing song of the first or second set. In a way this depicts the whole show this night, a very vital kent with a very smooth flow playing both new and old songs in a fresh way but also a shift when it comes to the set list. Mannen i den vita hatten is still the ultimate finale with rose pedals falling from the sky but the usual and sometimes slow nostalgic passages have been replaced by revitalized version of classics and newer hits. The loss of the hallmark classic 747 is compensated by a very fresh version of OWC. In a way this concert is a breakingpoint, breaking old traditions but it´s all for the good; the performance feels really fresh and I´m sure the show is gonna feel just as fresh tomorrow as it did tonight.


01 Taxmannen
02 Berlin
03 Du är ånga
04 Töntarna
05 Sundance Kid
06 Hjärta
07 Den döda vinkeln
08 LSD, någon?
09 Musik non stop
10 Idioter
11 OWC
12 FF
13 Vals för satan (din vän pessimisten)
14 Ingenting
15 Vy från ett luftslott
16 Krossa allt
17 Dom andra

18 På drift?
19 Kärleken väntar
20 Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)

2010-02-25   new summer tour dates

Four new tour dates for the summer has been released:

July 22 Stockholm - Långholmsparken
July 24 Hämeenlinna (Finland) - Wanaja Festival
August 6 Helsingborg - Sofiero slott
August 7 Göteborg - Trädgårdsföreningen

Tickets for the concerts in Sweden will be released on friday 09.00 GMT +1 at Until the kentjunkie tour date section is updated a full list of tour dates can be found at

2010-02-24   camela leierth goes on tour with kent

Camela Leierth, photo: Louise Storm On thursday kent start their spring tour in Stockholm and Camela Leierth will be supporting as special guest. Camela was featured in the duette Generation ex on kent´s previous album Tillbaka till samtiden. Lately she has been working on her album "Morning has been all night coming" that will be released later this spring. The first singel "cold" will be released to radio next week. The album is written by Camela and produced by Magnus Frykberg and Johan Carlberg.

Merchandise that will be sold on the spring tour has been revealed and for the first time a tourbook will be sold! It has 48 pages printed in four colour and silver print. You can see all the new merchandise at No prices has been published and there is no info yet about when the merchandise will be sold in kent´s merchandise store.

During the spring tour will automatically publish all tweets with the tag #kentnu. You can watch the live feed here.

The single Hjärta is currently listed as "challenger" on Swedish Radio P4s chart show Svensktoppen. The new list is broadcasted sunday and hopefully Hjärta will enter the chart.

Last weekend Hjärta climbed to number three in the Tracks chart and Töntarna went from number 11 to 14 after 16 weeks in the chart. You can vote on Tracks between saturdays 18.00 and mondays 14.00 GMT +1.

2010-02-17   spring tour around the corner

There have been few news updates here at lately, partly due to a hardware crash. The hardware has been restored but unfortunately the discography updates will be delayed yet another week or two.

Thursday next week kent start their nordic spring tour with four concerts in Stockholm. As usual kentjunkie will review the concerts. Five new tour dates for the summer has also been revealed:

3 July - Kiruna, Sweden, Kirunafestivalen
10 July - Lakselv, Norway, Midnattsrocken
21 July - Langesund, Norway, Wrightegaarden
27 July - Arendal, Norway, Canalstreet
29 July - Trondheim, Norway, Olavsfestdagene

The past two months have also offered a bunch of kent news:

The Hjärta single remixes was released digitally December 18 but the physical single was delayed until January 11. December 21 a short film using the single Hjärta premiered on the TV3 show Efterlyst (the Swedish verison of Americas Most Wanted). Every year lots of people dissapear without a trace. Many disappear voluntarily while others are victims of crime. The sorrow, fear and longing conected to this is a tremendous burden to carry for their families. Many dedicate their lives in the search for their loved ones. Through the short film kent and Efterlyst puts the light on a group of people that often stand alone in their suffering. As there is no organization for families of missing persons in Sweden Efterlyst was the logical choice when kent wanted to turn the Single Hjärta into film to put the light on this issue. The film is 4.37 minutes and directed by Robinovich and feature 8 artistic interpretations of missing person cases previously presented by Efterlyst, all with the approval of their families.

The platinum award for the album Vapen &; Ammunition that was donated by kent and auctioned out by Swedish Radio P3s Musikhjälpen (Serious Request), a project fighting malaria was sold at 27 000 SEK! Another 4000 SEK was donated by kent fans through The 100 unique and numbered copies of the kent single 2000 where all revenue from sales will be donated to the association Stockholm´s homeless are beeing auctioned out in small batches at Tradera. End prices has been between 600 and 1300 SEK. Of course has secured a copy and it will be included in the discography shortly. So far 30 copies have been auctioned out bringing in about 28 000 SEK. The remaining 70 copies will be put up by the same seller at Tradera during the spring. Donations from digital sales of the single 2000 is at least another 15 000 SEK. These donations are surely needed a cold winter like this.

When it comes to awards for 2009; on January 15 kent won two out of the five Grammis they were nominated for: "Best rock album" and "Producer of the year" (kent + Joshua). This means that kent has received a total of 19 Grammis awards. Kent was also voted Group of the year for the fifth time at the P3 Guld gala January 19. The Rockbjörnen gala will be held later this year but no date has been revealed yet.

FF was declared one of the most played radiohits of the 00´s in Sweden. It was ranked number 5 at a list compiled by STIM. Place number three on the list was Titiyo´s Come Along, written by Joakim Berg and Peter Svensson (from The cardigans).

2009-12-17   summer tour and hjärta ep

Times have been hectic plus the flu has hit kentjunkie so there have been no updates for a while. Hence there are loads of news to report:

kent - hjärta EP Hjärta will be the next single from the album Röd. It will be digitally released as a four track EP with three remixes on December 21st and released on the 23rd in Swedish stores:

1. Hjärta (album version)
2. Hjärta Alf Tumble Remix (radio edit)
3. Hjärta Alf Tumble Remix
4. Hjärta Housewives Remix

This week a tour plan for the summer has been released:

1 juli - Borlänge, Peace &; Love
7 juli - Hultsfred, Hultsfredsfestivalen
15 juli - Arvika, Arvikafestivalen
25 juli - Mariehamn, Rockoff Festival (Åland)
30 juli - Östersund, Storsjöyran
31 Juli - Piteå Dansar och Ler
8 augusti - Skanderborg, Skanderborg Festival (Denmark)
More dates might be added.

Kent has been nominated for five Grammis:
Album of the year
Artist of the year
Rock album of the year
Producer of the year kent / Joshua
Lyricist of the year Joakim Berg

P3 Guld has also nominated kent for Band of the year and you can vote here.

Röd has sold platinum and was the number one selling album in Sweden for three weeks. It is now at a number four after five weeks. Töntarna has sold gold and was no1 for two weeks, it has now been 9 weeks on the top 60 selling single chart. You find the Swedish top selling chart here.

Töntarna is now number two after nine weeks on the Swedish chart list Tracks. It started of with four weeks as number one. You can vote for kent in the chart here.

Swedish Radio P3 also has a vote off for the 25 best Swedish songs of the 00´s. Kent has two songs on the top 50 list and you can vote here.

kent - vapen &; ammunition platinum award Right now you can bid for one of kent´s platinum awards for the album Vapen &; Ammunition at Tradera. The money from the auction will go straight to Swedish Radio P3s Musikhjälpen (Serious Request), a project fighting malaria. Bidding ends Friday 10:50 GMT +1.

The Delux edition of kents album Röd contains a picture book called "the periodic system". The cover of the book features a sculpture called "Jesus" by Makode Linde. The sculpture went on auction November 29 at an exhibition called Young Art for the benefit of the Hunger Project.

March 16 2010 a book in Swedish about kent will be released. It´s written by Jan Gradvall, a Swedish music journalist that has followed kent since 1995. More info about this book will follow.

Did you miss kent´s release party performance? It´s now on YouTube.

When kent was in New York for their release party Entertainment Weekly wrote about them. It was the play list for their segment on Nordic Rox on The Spectrum at Sirius XM that attracted interest (broadcasted nov 15 and 18). New York Post wrote about it as well.

Kent has also been interviewed in Norwegian radio NRK newly.

Discography entries for the regular and Delux issue of Röd is in the making. Keep visiting!

2009-11-11   watch kent in new york and at the swedish soccer awards

Friday last week kent played six songs live at their release party for the new album Röd at Bowery Hotel in New York. You can watch the show below. There are also pictures from the show at

Just after getting back from New York kent also made a stop at the Swedish Soccer Awards. You can watch the performance at TV4 Play.

The limited Delux edition of Röd has been delayed due to problems in distribution but will be released today. Both the standard and the Delux issues will be included in the discography shortly.

2009-11-05   digital album release nov 5 and kent live from new york

The new kent album Röd will be released for digital download one day before the physical release, at 08:00 GMT +1 today November 5. It will be available in the MyPlay music store widget at The files will aslo be available as FLAC files.

On friday kent will celebrate the release of Röd at Bowery Hotel in New York together with 200 invited guests. During the evening kent will perform six songs from the new album live and this will be broadcasted online by Aftonbladet webb-TV at 10.00 GMT +1.

A video for the kent song 2000, used as theme music for the Swedish TV-documentary Hemlös, has been released. The song is also available as download in the MyPlay widget at All revenue from sales will be donated to the association Stockholm´s homeless.

2009-11-02   kent in berlin and live performances on tv

kent at Hansa/Meisterssal Berlin October 27 2009, Photo: Fredrik Lindblom October 27 kent went to Hansa/Meistersaal in Berlin to let friends and journalists listen to the new album Röd. had the big privilege to be there and this is what kent told us:

"Welcome to Meistersaal

We presume that you know quite a lot about this place already. Many of you probably have one or a few albums on your personal top ten that are recorded here. We have been on our way here before. 1997 when we were about to record Isola we tried to book this room. It wasn´t possible as it wasn´t used for recordings back then and it isn´t often nowadays either. We passed outside this place after a gig in 98 and we fantasized about Bowie sitting at the restaurant here below drinking beer with Iggy. During those days we were more starstruck and we wanted to come here for all old heroes that have recorded here. This time we mainly wanted to get out of Stockholm. We were also interested in being in a big city and the fact that so many different musicians have made such great music here.

It was a different time back then, of course. The war was around the corner and there were watchtowers with machineguns outside the windows. None of that exists today. But there is still something creative and forgiving in this house. It feels good to play in here. Everything sounds a little better. Everybody becomes a little better. We started work on this album in October 2008 with a trip to New York. We were there for six days and put all of our kitchen table ideas together to something that felt as one but with the idea that we shouldn´t think that much about the line of argument that we tend to strive for.

When we came here we had about 18 songs that all had the potential to end up on the album. All of these existed as detailed demos with many of the ideas for arrangements already there. At Meistersaal we focused at the songs that earned the most from us playing them together, in the same room. We had probably recorded almost the same album any where else, but it probably hadn´t been as fun and simple as it was in this room. Taxmannen, Krossa Allt, Hjärta, Sukhus, Vals För Satan, Svarta Linjer, Ensamheten and Det Finns Inga Ord have not changed much since they were recorded here in April. The best song recordings I (Jocke) ever did are from this place. As we said, there is something in this house. What you are about to hear is an album we are incredibly proud of. The best one so far.

Thank you.

Jocke Berg, Markus Mustonen, Martin Sköld, Sami Sirviö - kent
Berlin/Meistersaal October 27 2009"

Well, the album is truly fantastic and I can´t wait to hear it again!

kent - svarta linjer, live at skavlan on svt This Thursday kent recorded a TV-performance of the new song Svarta Linjer at the "Skavlan" show at SVT. It was broadcasted Friday and you can watch the whole show at

Monday November 9 kent will perform at the Swedish football gala in Malmö. It will be broadcasted by Swedish TV4.

As you know kent are also going to host a release party at Bowery Hotel in New York Friday November 6th. Their performance there will be broadcasted at Kent have not played in New York since 1999. In fact on friday it will be 11 years to the day that Kent played the Virgin Mega Store in New York. Winners of a trip for two to this exclusive concert has been declared but there is still a chance to go to the party in New York if you happen to be there on friday. Send the full name of you and your guest (if you have one) to and you might be lucky to get tickets to the private party. You and your guests have to be 21 years of age to attend.

Today the songs "2000" and "Tuna 350" are released as downloads at "Tuna 350" was specially written and performed by Martin Sköld and Markus Mustonen for the 350 year jubilee of Eskilstuna. The song "2000" was written and recorded by kent for a tv-series about homeless people.

There is also a new contest at where you can remix the single Töntarna through a special tool. You can save and share you remix. The remix that gets played most times until November 15 will win a copy of the Röd Deluxe issue and runner ups will win the standard CD.

Kent headlines the November issue of Swedish gay magazine QX with a big interview. You can check out the article and pictures here.

The TV spot for Friends directed by Adam Berg and featuring music written by kent won the peoples award at the Roy gala October 28.

The discography has been update with the new single Töntarna, the Russian pressing of Vapen &; Ammunition and the taiwan issue of the 1991-2008 box. Some issues has also been removed from the discography; a French Hagnesta HiIll promo (since it turns out that it is only a CDR promo without catalogue number). The US music cassette issue of Isola and the UK music cassette issue of Hagnesta Hill has also been removed from the discography as there are no evidence of these issues really existing. If you have any information stating that they do exist, please contact me.

More updates to come this week!

2009-10-19   new kent video and kent goes to new york!

kent at bowery new york nov 6 2009 On the release day of the new kent album Röd on november 6 there will be a release party at Bowery Hotel in New York. Kent will perform and the concert will be broadcasted at There is also a sweepstake for a trip to the release party at One person will be able to bring a friend and fly to new york for the release party. This is kent´s first performance outside the nordics since september 27 2000 and the first US gig since May 4 1999 when kent played Metro in Chicago. Kent has also played in New York four times before, the last time was in 1999. It´s still unclear if the release party is private or if tickets will be avialable for the public.

The Töntarna video has been released. It features students from a special needs class at Höghammargymnasiet in Bollnäs, Sweden. There is also a behind the scenes interview with the director at SVT Play. Also this saturday Töntarna went straight in at number one on the Swedish chart show Tracks.

2009 also means that kent´s home town Eskilstuna turns 350 years. The readers of the Eskilstuna newspaper Eskilstuna Kuriren have allready voted kent to be the best Eskilstuna Ambassadeurs. October 25 a audiovisual light and laser show will be performed in Eskilstuna to commemorate the 350 year jubilee. Martin Sköld has composed the music for the event together with Markus Mustonen.

Keep visiting, next update is the Töntarna discography listing plus translated lyrics.

2009-10-14   new kent song plus another extra concert

Kent has done the theme to a new swedish TV-series about people that is in lack of a home. The TV-series is called "Hemlös" (Homeless) and will be aired on SVT2 starting october 14. The theme song is called "2000" and will be released in a limited edition of 100 copies during the fall. The 100 copies will be auctioned off by and in benefit of the association Stockholm´s homeless.

Tickets to another extra concert in Gothenburg march 21 was released yesterday. You can find all details about the tour in the kentjunkie tour section.

Swedish artist Carolina Wallin Pérez will release an album filled with kent covers. The single "Pärlor" was released June 3 and the album "Pärlor &; Svin" will be released october 28. You can pre-book the album or buy the single with global shipping at

Some other older news from the summer:

A swedish book called "Tusen Svenska Klassiker", (A Thousand Swedish Classics) was released during the summer. It lists Swedish classic books, films, TV-shows and records from 1956 to 2009 and kent holds four positions on the list with the albums Kent, Isola, Hagnesta Hill and Vapen &; Ammuntion. One of the writers of the book is music journalist Jan Gradvall who has interviewed kent several times over the years. He is also about to release a book about kent in the near future.

During august/september the artist Christina Englund had another exhibition of pop art in Stockholm called Istället för ljud - Rockkonst:09. It featured paintings of both kent, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson and Håkan Hellström. You can have a look at some of Christina paintings at

2009-10-13   tickets released plus extra concerts

kent- spring tour 2010 Yesterday, monday october 12, the tickets for kent´s 2010 nrdic spring tour was released. Additional tour dates in Stockholm and Gothenburg was added as tickets were sold out just in a few hours. You can find all details about the tour in the kentjunkie tour section.

Yesterday the single Töntarna was released for physical distribution. It will be added to the kentjunkie discography shortly. Also there is some info about the limited deluxe edition of the album Röd published at

Röd - Deluxe

* 3x10´´ Vinyl edition (standard track list)
* CD with a special cover (standard track list)
* USB stick with MP3s and high resolution files (standard track list)
* Book, 118 pages
* All packed in a cardboard box

There are no pics of the deluxe box yet. It will be released at the same time as the standard CD (november 6) and you can pre-order by using the links above.

Also a new t-shirt is for sale at the kent´s merchandise store this week.

2009-10-09   töntarna remixes

kent- töntarna CD Single Today friday the whole three track single Töntarna including remixes by Punks Jump Up and Familjen will be available for purchase as download. You can buy the 3 track single in the widget at The physical single is released in stores monday October 12. Also, don´t forget that tickets for kent´s new tour are released monday morning at 09.00 Swedish time as well. Tickets are sold through Ticnet.

2009-10-05   new single and album from kent!!

This press release was published on kent´s official homepage yesterday evening swedish time:

the new kent single Töntarna Today the new single Töntarna (translates to The Geeks) is released digitally, on october 12 the single is released physically, containing three tracks including two remixes by Punks Jump Up and Familjen. November 6 the album Röd (translates to Red) will be released.

The making of Röd started as early as last year when Berg &; Sköld went to New York and in April this year kent went to the Hansa studio/Meistersaal in Berlin. After that work has continued in the Psychbunker/Park Studio, Hyltinge Church and in different living rooms. Röd contains 11 songs.

Track list:

1.  18:29-4
2.  Taxmannen     (Dachsen Man)
3.  Krossa Allt     (Destroy it All)
4.  Hjärta    (Heart)
5.  Sjukhus    (Hospital)
6.  Vals För Satan (Din Vän Pessimisten)     (Waltz For Satan (Your Friend the Pessimist))
7.  Idioter    (Idiots)
8.  Svarta Linjer     (Black Lines)
9.  Ensamheten     (The Loneliness)
10.  Töntarna     (The Geeks)
11.  Det Finns Inga Ord     (There Are No Words)

Poduced by kent &; Joshua.

the new kent album Röd This spring kent will do a tour i Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. In total 14 shows have been booked starting february 25 in Stockholm and ending in Örebro march 30. Tickets are released monday october 12.

Tourplan spring 2010:

25 februari - Stockholm, Annexet
26 februari - Stockholm, Annexet
3 mars - Gävle, Läkerol Arena
5 mars - Helsingfors, Hartwall Arena
10 mars - Linköping, Cloetta Center
12 mars - Århus, Kongresscenter
13 mars - Köpenhamn, Tap1
14 mars - Malmö, Malmö Arena
18 mars - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
19 mars - Göteborg, Lisebergshallen
24 mars - Oslo, Oslo Spektrum
25 mars - Bergen, Grieghallen
27 mars - Bodö, Bodö Spektrum
30 mars - Örebro, Conventum Arena

You can buy the new song "Töntarna" now as download at or at Bengans. The physical 3 track single will be released October 12 The standard CD issue plus a DeLuxe Box set will be released November 6. A new t-shirt will be launched in kent´s merchandise store this week.

Swedish music blog PSL has done an interview with Joakim Berg. A translation of that interview, translated lyrics for Töntarna plus some other slightly older news will be published shortly.

2009-04-22   BIG news! Album 8!

BIG news: today Joakim Berg made the following announcement in the forum at

"Just back from Berlin...
Session no.1.
We have begun the recordings of what will become our eighth album. During two extremely focused weeks a great number of songs have been recorded.
The songs have been written during all of last year and until the beginning of April. It is of course the best we have ever done.
We do not yet know exactly when it will be released. In a few days we continue the recordings in The Bunker.
Our musical year has begun in the most fantastic way.
Humble greetings from the Worlds Best Band right now."

kent has started recordings for album 8! So, absolutely fantastic news! Of course will keep you updated on all forthcoming news about the new album.

Now you can also follow news and updates at through Twitter (if you speak Swedish).

After being on sale just before the Easter holiday the kent box made a reappearance as the number one album in the Swedish charts during week 15 and then moved down to number 26 last week.

The John ME album "I am John" was released April 8. Joakim Berg has written music and lyrics for the track "Run". It also features backing vocals and guitar by Joakim and drums by Markus Mustonen.

Also The Mobile Homes new album "Today Is Your Lucky Day" produced by Sami Sirviö was released April 15: "The Mobile Homes celebrate their 25 years as a band with the new album "Today is Your Lucky Day". For the occasion they have returned to their old sound which will bring you back to 1984, Moog-synthesizers and Dr Martens. Produced by Sami Sirviö from Swedish band Kent, "Today is Your Lucky Day" is available from April 15 on as a limited edition digipak and via iTunes." You can listen to four songs from the album on The Mobile Homes Myspace page. You can also order the limited edition CD here.

Four out of five winners of posters in the last kentjunkie sweepstake has now been located. Big congratulations to Judy in England, Brett in Belgium and Robin &; Joakim in Sweden. The posters will be sent out next week. I still try to get in contact with winner number five who live in the United States. If you live in the US, check your e-mail, the winner might be you! Next up is merchandise from the 2005 tent-tour; a key band and four pins. If you already receive the newsletter you are automatically in the sweepstake. If you are not a subscriber just register here for your chance to win. A lucky winner will be announced in the beginning of June. will soon be updated with new entries in the discography (the Taiwanese box issue and the Russian Vapen &; Ammunition pressing) and lots of updates in other sections.

2009-03-26   lots of kent news!

jonas linell exhibition at galleri ikon While kent are working on new material there are still a lot of kent news:

Today a gallery in Stockholm opens an exhibition of Jonas Linell cover photos for kent albums. For the first time, the original pictures are shown as an exhibition. It opens today Thursday march 26e 17.00-20.00 at Galleri Ikon, Skånegatan 81 in Stockholm. It will then be open Thursdays-Fridays 13.00-18.00 and Saturdays-Sundays 13.00-16.00 until April 19. You can also watch some of Jonas Linell´s photos in the kentjunkie gallery.

On May 6 Andreas Tilliander will release his new solo album "Show". Andreas joined Familjen (Johan T Karlsson) on stage when he supported kent during their winter tour. On the album Joakim Berg sings on the song "Arlanda" and Martin Sköld play base on the song "Spurs". You can listen to the first single from the album at Andreas Tillinders Myspace page, its called "Caught In A Riot". It is also available through Spotify.

February 14 Neil Tennant wrote on the Pet Shop Boys web site:
joakim berg and martin sköld are guests on andreas tilliander´s new album "Check out the video and track of "A little black dress" by West End Girls. We originally wrote this song for our musical, "Closer to Heaven", but it got cut out. A while ago we gave it to the Swedish duo, West End Girls, to record. It´s finally arriving as their new single in Sweden." The single "A Little Black Dress" was released February 11 and it was produced by Sami Sirviö. It is the first single from West End Girls upcoming new album "Shoplifters". The new album will contain original material instead of just Pet Shop Boys covers. Pet Shop Boys has written another song for West End Girls and Wolfgang Flür from Kraftwerk has written material for the album too. The other songs on the album will be written by lead singer Isabelle Erkendal together with Sami Sirviö who will also produce the album.

Sami has also produced The Mobile Homes new album "Today is your lucky day" together with Christian Falk. The album will be released April 15. Sami has also produced two singles from the album: "Close" and "I´m Phoning A Friend and He Says That" that were released June and November 2008.

a little black dress - produced by sami sirviö In December of 2008 the winner of Park Studio and Studio Magazines demo competition was announced; a band called The Voyage. They won five days in kent´s recording studio Park Studio/The Psych Bunker in Stockholm together with Sami Sirviö and Stefan Boman. The five days in the studio resulted in the song "In the Snow" and you can listen to it on the bands Myspace page.

Due to logistic problems the posters of the January to March sweepstakes couldn´t be sent out until now, BUT Per Lindholm at Sony Music has now seen to it that each of the five winners get TWO DIFFERENT posters; both the greenish one and the box cover poster. An e-mail has been sent to five drawn winners; two winners in Sweden, one in Great Britain, one in USA and one in Belgium so check your mailboxes! The name of the winners will be published as soon as they have replied and a new sweepstake will be announced.

I will also ad some more old tour dates and set lists, put up some more old pictures in the gallery and update the biography in the near future so keep visiting!

2009-01-20   joakim berg writes for john me

Joakim Berg writer on JOHN ME - Love is my drug Welcome to a brand new year of kent news! The band was nominated for best live act at the P3 Guld gala that was held in Gothenburg Saturday the 17th of January but the award went to Håkan Hellström. Congratulations Håkan!

Also during the televised P3 Guld gala the former Motorhomes singer Mattias Edlund performed his solo debut single Love is my drug as a duet together with Amanda Jenssen under the new name JOHN ME. The JOHN ME debut album will be released later this year and the songs on the album have been written by Joakim Berg from kent, Andreas Matsson from Popsicle and Pär Wiksten from The Wannadies among others.

Another debutant called Adiam Dymott sang her debut single accompanied on stage by no other than Harri Mänty among others. Harri plays bass and guitar on Adiam´s debut album.

kent was also nominated for Group of the year at the Grammis gala January 7 but did not win. Big congratulations to The Soundtrack Of Our Lives who won the award!

The Rockbjörnen gala is coming up and kent have the chance to win four awards. Go to the award section for details.

December 27 Timo Räisänen coached a choir singing the kent song Stanna hos mig in the Swedish television show "Körslaget" where each artists choir compete against each other. You can see the clip at the TV4 website. Unfortunately Timos choir was the first to get voted of the show. Timo has previously played with Håkan Hellström and Her Majesty but is now a solo artist.

2008-12-23   på drift? - new kent song as free download for christmas!

kent - på drift? - new song for free download Today a Christmas gift fom kent was posted at

"Kent wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by giving you a brand new song for free, only available through The song is called "På drift?" (translates to "On the road?") and was recorded at Park Studio December 1-2 2008. An alternative version of the new song will be used in Fiends new anti-bullying tv-spot. The tv-spot was directed by Adam Berg and will premiere on Swedish TV shortly (but you can see it here allready. Read more about Friends and their work at You can donate to Friends through Swedish PG 90 05 27-3 or BG 900-5273. The song is available in different formats and quality, choose what fits you best. Download the song by right clicking on respective link and choose "save as". The mix was done by Stefan Boman at Park Studio and the master by Henrik Johnsson at Masters of Audio. A unmastered Wav file straight from the mixertable is also availaile at if you have a 24 bit/96 kHz soundcard."

You will find the original lyrics as well as a translation of "På drift?" / "On the road?" in the lyrics section.

A BIG thanks to kent for a fantastic year with two tours, new songs and the faboulus box set! As the year comes to an end also wants to thank all you devoted kent fans out there. You have visited us more than 50 000 times this year and of course will keep feeding you kent-news in English as well as updating the discography and other sections. Keep visiting!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2008-12-15   kent nominated for a total of six awards

kent nominated for six awards All nominations for the different Swedish music awards of 2008 are now official. This year kent has been nominated for one Grammis, four Rockbjörnen awards and "The Golden microphone" for best live act at the P3 Guld Gala. You can make your voice heard by voting for kent at the kentjunkie award section.

The winner of the last sweepstake was drawn in november and has now also been located; a big congratulations to Alexey Shelestenko from Moscow, Russia who won the Isola US tour poster.

Thanks to kent´s manager Martin Roos and Per Lindholm at Sony BMG will be able to offer five new kent box promo posters during a spring sweepstake. The sweepstake will run January to March and every other week a new poster will be shipped out. As usual if you are allready signed up for the newsletter you are automatically in the sweepstake. If you are not allready a subscriber then go to the subscrition page and register for you chance to win one of the posters.

The concert section as well as the song section and the song finder has now also been updated with info from the kent box.

2008-11-25   nominate kent for the rockbjörnen awards

nominate kent for rockbjörnen 2009 The year is coming to an end and hence it is time to start thinking of music awards for 2008. Until November 27 you can nominate kent for the 2008 Rockbjörnen Award. A given nomination is Swedish Live Act of the year 2008 (category 11) but I guess it is also possible to nominate both for Swedish band of the year (category 3), maybe Swedish album of the year for the kent box (category 6) and possibly Swedish song of the year for Håll ditt huvud högt (category 5). You vote in the categories at Aftonbladet. The five finalists with the most nominations in each category will be published December 5. From then to January 11 the voting will take place and the winners will be presented at Cirkus in Stockholm January 22. You can read all about kent´s previous awards at the kentjunkie award section.

As reported before the kent box sold gold (over 20 000 copies) allready in the first day of its release. It went straight to number one on the Swedish record sales chart Sverigetopplistan but has now after three weeks moved down to number 10 after last weeks second place.

Not only is kent featured in the new Guitar Hero World Tour edition but this thursday November 27 SingStar will release two kent songs for download in their SingStore letting you pose as Joakim Berg this christmas. The two songs are "Om du var här" and "Kräm (så nära får ingen gå)".

A winner of the June-September sweepstake for a vintage Isola US tour poster has ben drawn and e-mailed but has not replied. The winner is a Russian kent-fan so if you live in Russia, check your mailbox! A new kentjunkie sweepstake will be announced shortly.

2008-11-01   the kent box sold gold in just one day!

Kent went historic on the day the box set was released; for the first time ever in Sweden a box release sold gold (20 000 copies) on the first day of sale! Congratulations kent!

A swedish TV-spot for the box-issue is now also available for viewing at the official YouTube kent-channel. It features Swedish documentary legend Hans Willius as speaker:

Yet again a cover of a kent song has surfaced. This time it´s a Polish band called Papa D who made their own interpretation of the kent song FF. The name of the song and the lyrics are all new and in Polish. Good or bad? You be the judge..

2008-10-30   the kent box 1991-2008 has been released!

Yesterday on October 29 the fantastic kent box arrived to the stores in the Nordic countries. Some of the fans who preordered the box got it on the 28th. I was lucky enough to get a copy on the 28th and I have now put the box in the discography where you will find all details about it.

kent - box 1991-2008 This is one of the most interesting kent releases so far. I don´t think anyone ever thought we would get to see a kent box this soon although many has wished for it. Not only does the 10 CD kent collectors box contain all of kent´s albums but also demos (some dating back to the pre-kent years), unreleased songs and b-sides. In all 133 tracks of which 15 are previously unreleased. This is a huge chunk of music and pretty much a sum up of kent´s career so far. In the box there is also a book of 96 pages containing private photos from kent´s career, interview text by Jan Gradvall, examples of setlists through the years, a list of all kent´s concerts going all the way back to 1991 and of course all lyrics. In the press statement prior to the release the band describes the box like this:

"We are very proud to be able to present a half time sum up of our so called history in this box set. Our traumatic youth, doubtful maturity and our reluctant middle age. 133 songs, among them a lot of demos and things non of us in the band has heard in many years, or things we didn´t even knew existed. To us all these songs most of all represent a document of time. Incomplete fragments of the lies we once built our self image of. There are so incredibly many memories and stories both fun, pathetic, bizarre and sad linked to these notes. Thanks to all of you who have listened, bought our records and visited our concerts"

The early pre-kent demo´s of Jones &; Giftet and Havsänglar have been restored and sound really good. Especially the Havsänglar songs have really come to life as very nice songs. The three demos on the Isola CD are really great. It´s nice to hear the original demo for Alpha, a song that later was reworked and released as b-side in Joakim Berg´s side project Paus under the name Sammansvärjningen. The Saker man ser demo has a totally different and very nice tempo making it really interesting. How ever the Din skugga demo is awesome and really stands out as one of the best bonus features of this box.

We get an English demo version of Duett plus a unreleased English song meant for Hagnesta Hill, both nice songs but the demo version of Socker feels even more interesting, especially with it´s different lyrics. The 2 Meter Sessions live versions are very nice too but it´s the live recording of the unreleased song Håll ditt huvud högt that really makes you want to hear more live recordings from kent. It really sounds fantastic, even better than when I was there listening live! The Ingenting demo gives a fun comparison to the final single but it is really the bonus material from the 90´s that makes my heart tick when listening to this box.

All in all it is a very nice box, a must have if you are in to kent´s music. In fact it´s a bargain. If you haven´t already ordered it offers a multilingual order form and world wide shipping.

If you live in Sweden or if you are planning a trip here kent will be signing the box Thursday November 6 at 12:00 in Åhléns City in Stockholm and at 18:00 at Bengans in Gothenburg.

Saker man ser - Rockkonst:08 Also if you live in Stockholm this Friday a new exhibition of rock art opens in Stockholm featuring paintings of kent. Christina Englund has produced new paintings of Kent, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Kraftwerk, Queen and David Bowie. The exhibition Saker man ser - Rockkonst:08 at Galleri Kocks starts with a vernissage Friday october 31 and is then open until November 4th.

If you have a band there is still a chance to enter the Park Studio demo contest if you hurry as they have prolonged the last day to sign up; it is now October 31st. The winner will get to spend five days in kent´s recording studio Park Studio/The psych bunker in Stockholm, Sweden together with Sami Sirviö and Stefan Boman!

2008-09-23   kent box 1991-2008 will be released october 29 2008!

kent - box 1991-2008 Absolutely fantastic news!! Today tuesday September 23rd the following pressrelease was sent out by kent:


On October 29th "Box 1991-2008" will be released,
it contains:

Kent (1995)
Verkligen (1996)
Isola (1997)
Hagnesta Hill (1999)
B-sidor 95-00 (2000)
Vapen &; ammunition (2002)
Du &; jag döden (2005)
The Hjärta &; Smärta EP (2005)
Tillbaka till samtiden (2007)

26 bonus tracks 1991-2008 of which 15 never before released tracks including "Håll ditt huvud högt" (live, Eskilstuna, summer 08). A total of 133 tracks + one 96 page book containing an interview by Jan Gradvall, private photos, tour history and lyrics.

"We are very proud to be able to present a half time sum up of our so called history in this box set. Our traumatic youth, doubtful maturity and our reluctant middle age. 133 songs, among them a lot of demos and things non of us in the band has heard in many years, or things we didn´t even knew existed. To us all these songs most of all represent a document of time. Uncomplete fragments of the lies we once built our self image of. There are so incredibly many memories and stories both fun, pathetic, bizarre and sad linked to these notes. Thanks to all of you who have listened, bought our records and visited our concerts", greetings - kent.

The box is released simultaneously all over the Nordics October 29."

The 10 CD box set with all new artwork will retail for only about 399 SEK in Sweden. The 15 previously unreleased bonustracks are unreleased songs and demos from kents career dating all the way back to when kent were Jones &; Giftet and Havsänglar! Another 11 songs are non album B-sides released after 2000. Check out the complete track list at the kent 1991-2008 box page! Could there be a better christmas gift? THANK YOU kent!!

2008-09-20   win five days in kent´s studio!

Park Studio demo competition Yes its true, kent has together with the Swedish music magazine Studio put up a demo contest on the Park Studio homepage.

You send in your demo and a jury consisting of the members of kent plus Stefan Boman (kent´s studio technician) will then choose the best demo. The winner will get to spend five days in kent´s recording studio Park Studio/The psych bunker in Stockholm, Sweden together with Sami Sirviö and Stefan Boman!

- The song must be your own.
- The band/artist has to be unsigned and not connected to any record company or label.
- The demo must be in mp3 or aac format.
- The file size can not be more than 5Mb.

Last day to enter the contest is October 17 2008.

Write a few lines about yourself / the band and don´t forget to put down your contact info. Then send the demo to the e-mail address on the competition website.

On September 24 the Olle Ljungstöm tribute record will be released and the complete track list has now been announced. The missing song was Vatten, sol och ängar performed by Lisa Miskovsky. You can listen to Joakims, Lisas and the others artists songs on the Olle Ljungström MySpace page.

The kent single Vy från ett luftslott (punks jump up remix) is now number three in the Swedish radio P3s chart show Tracks. You can vote for the song in next weeks chart between 14.00 today Saturday and Monday 14.00 (GMT +2). In a recent radio show it was also announced that kent now has the second highest number of accumulated votes from listeners since the Tracks chart show started in 1985 (only beaten by Madonna). Keep voting!

Dutch pressing of Excerpts from the album Isola promo cassette News in the discography; thanks to the Dutch kent fan Bas a new object from the release of the English version of Isola has been added to the discography. It is a Dutch pressing of the Excerpts from Isola promo cassette that has somehow escaped the kentjunkie radar. It has the same track list as the UK version of the promo cassette but a different catalogue number; KENT 002 (yes it´s the same catalogue number as on the UK 747 CDS promo). It also has a slightly different back with Dutch text as seen on the pic. It is now in the collection and since it has not popped up until now I have given it the availability rating 6 (super rare). Big thanks to Bas for finding this issue. Apart from including this issue in the discography I have also rearranged the order of the English Isola releases in the discography slightly for better overview.

2008-08-21 kent in guitar hero world tour!

" kent will be featured in guitar hero world tour Yesterday this press release was published at the kent official web site

"Kent conquer the world together with Guitar Hero World Tour

This fall the much anticipated tv-game Guitar Hero World Tour is released. Today it is official: one of the Nordic bands in Guitar Hero World Tour is kent. The band contributes with the song VinterNoll2.
- We are very proud that kent is in the game, says Nikke Lidner, responsible for Guitar Hero in the Nordics. We had a long list of Nordic bands that we wanted to include in Guitar Hero World Tour, and kent was number one on that list. The band themselves choose what song they wanted to be in the game, and that makes everything even better.

VinterNoll2 will be include in all versions of Guitar Hero World Tour, even the US and Australian issues.

- This is a different and fun way for the band to reach a new audience with their music. It is also fun for all fans that now can play VinterNol2 themselves, says Per Lindholm, A&;R at kent´s record company RCA/Sony BMG.

- Guitar Hero is the TV-game series that has reached one billion dollar in turnover in least amount of time, so we can count on millions of Guitar Hero-fans world wide to enjoy VinterNoll2, Nikke Lidner continues.

As of the release of Guitar Hero World Tour you will for the first time be able to play as an entire band with authentic drums (including cymbals and pressure sensitive drums), microphone, guitar and base. Together with a music studio it will be possible to compose, record and edit as well as share your own rock songs through GHTunes.

The other songs that has now been revealed:

Anouk - Good God
Beatsteaks - Hail to the Freaks
Coldplay - Shiver
Hush Puppies - You´re Gonna say yeah
Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way
Lost Prophets - Rooftops
The Enemy - Aggro
Mars Volta - L´Via L´Viaquez
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Radio Futura - Escuela De Calor
Stuck in the sound - Toy Boy
Tokio Hotel - Monsoon "

There is now doubt what will be found under lots of kent fan´s Christmas trees this winter.

jocke berg sings on the album andra sjunger olle ljungström Also yesterday Warner Music released some more info regarding the upcoming Olle ljungstöm tribute "Andra Sjunger Olle Ljungström" that will feature Joakim Berg among others. The producer Robert Qwarforth has chosen 12 of his favourite songs by Olle Ljungström ans Heinz Liljendahl and together with some of Swedens best singers some very personal versions are delivered. Among the contributors you find Jocke Berg, Thomas Di Leva, Lisa Miskovsky, Eric Gadd and Bosse Sundström.

This is what Joakim Berg says about his relationship to Olle Ljungström:

"Once in the dawn of times a person called my apartment in central Stockholm stating he was Olle Ljungström. He went on saying that he wanted to thank me for a song that I had written that he loved.

Of course I did not believe him since
1: Why would a living legend even care about me and our still relatively unknown band?
2: How would he have gotten my phone number (I was unlisted)?
3: What could I ever write that could mean something to one of Sweden´s extremely few genius rock stars?

When I realised that it really was Olle Ljungström I guess I stuttered a pathetic thank you and that he had meant very much to me. Your memory fails as it always does when you are baffled. There are lots of things I should have said about his music. About why he is so extremely excellent, trendsetting and significant. What Olle said I will never forget and it is still the best compliment I have ever received."

The album "Andra Sjunger Olle Ljungström" include the following tracks:

Joakim Berg - Nåt för dom som väntar
Love Olzon - Jag och min far
Thomas Di Leva - En apa som liknar dig
Sara Isaksson - Som man bäddar
Alf - Hur långt kan det gå
Eric Gadd - Som du
Ane Brun/Emil Jensen - Vissa funktioner
Andreas Mattsson - Du och jag
Uno Svenningsson - Kaffe och en cigarrett
Tomas Andersson Wij - Med eller utan
Bosse Sundström - Tivoli
Lisa Miskovsky - (song not revealed yet)

"Andra Sjunger Olle Ljungström" will be released by Warner Music September 24. Olle Ljungström can also be seen in "K special" on Swedish SVT this winter as the film maker and illustrator Jacob Frössén has made a documentary about him.

360 degree spherical panorama live photography of kent Since last week you can find fantastic 360 degree live photos at The 360 photos are spherical panorama photographies shot during kent´s concert in Eskilstuna July 21 by Per Hjalmarsson och Mattias von Corswant from WEC360. The photos have been carefully patched together to make three dimensional photographic cubes. Don´t miss it!

2008-08-04 kent says bye for a while + concert review

kent live at Lejongropen in Norrköping August 1st photographed by Fredrik Lindblom/ Saturday August 2nd kent did their closing gig of the summer tour at Ankkarock in Finland. The last concert in Sweden was in Norrköping August 1st and you will find my review of that gig at the review page. The concert section has also been updated with new setlists and in the concert gallery you will find new live photos. A special thanks to Christoffer Kjellberg for letting me include his kent photos at in the gallery. Also, be sure to take a look at photos by Oskar Zander from Helsingborg as he got the opportunity to photograph the entire concert (usually accredited photographers only get to shoot photos during the first three songs).

The kent web mini series "Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern" with kent in their studio has also come to it´s end. You can watch all 25 episodes plus 5 bonus episodes at the PSL Blog.

As reported earlier kent has already started planning the making of a new album. In a recent interview Martin Sköld said the band will have some time of, write new material and record a new album and that it make take a couple of years before the band goes on tour again. When it comes to when exactly we can expect new material from kent only time can tell.

Of course will still keep feeding you kent news but I will also take the opportunity to develop the different sections of the website. Any feedback regarding this site is welcome through the contact page. The newsletter will of course still be sent out when there is major news or updates. If you haven´t already subscribed to the newsletter register now and you have the chance to win a kent poster.

A big thanks to kent for a great album and 66 fantastic concerts! I would also like to thank all you fans for supporting the best band in the world. Keep visiting!

2008-07-15 concert reviews + krunegård + new unreleased song!

Markus Krunegård join kent in Norrköping August 1st The past two weeks has been on vacation, hence there are tons of news and updates:

The kent summer tour has started. The tour premier at the Peace &; Love Festival in Borlänge got great reviews in the Swedish press and the fans were lyrical. You will find kentjunkie´s own reviews for the concert in Stockholm and Eskilstuna on the review page. Of course the set list section has now been updated and you will also find new concert photos by in the concert gallery.

July 12 it was announced at that Markus Krunegård will join kent in Norrköping August 1st. Markus Krunegårds album Markusevangeliet might very well be the Swedish album of the year 2008. It has gotten great response among kent fans and many of them has been hoping for Markus as one of the supporting acts during the kent summer tour. Just like Thåström and Håkan Hellström Markus will do his own concert before kent. As Markus himself is from Norrköping it might be a somewhat special concert. It is also probably the last kent concert in Sweden for a long while. plans to attend the concert to give you a review.

During the summer tour kent has been playing a brand new and unreleased song called Håll ditt huvud högt. You will find the original and translated lyrics of this new song in the lyrics section. Also in a recent interview with DN På stan Joakim Berg said the following when he was asked when the next album will be released: "-We are actually planning to start working with the next album almost directly after the summer tour. We have been talking about me and Martin, or maybe the whole band, going away somewhere to do the basics for new material". Great news!

July 2 the Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) was physically released in Sweden. You will now find it in the discography. The winner of the kent fan video contest for Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) at the official YouTube kent channel has also been declared at Big congratulations to Lars Lind, Erik Lind och Kajsa Engdahl from Östersund in Sweden who made the winning video and won merchandise, VIP concert tickets and a meet and greet with kent. The video is now the official video for Vy från ett luftslott (Punks Jump Up Remix) and has been sent out to the TV-stations. You can watch it in the video section.

The kent web mini series "Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern" with kent in their studio keeps rolling at the PSL Blog . Don´t miss it!

2008-06-25 loads of exciting kent news!!

kent web TV series at the PSL blog Two days left to the kent summer tour premier at the Peace &; Love festival in Borlänge Sweden and there are loads of exciting kent news:

65 contributions have been uploaded by kent fans for the video competition. The band says they´re very happy to see the commitment and the creative joy behind the videos and have now picked five finalists. All kent fans that are already registered at the official kent forum at can participate in the vote off. The winner will be presented June 26 and will receive VIP-tickets to seven kent concerts this summer, a merchandise package and will also get to meet kent backstage. The winning video will also be the official video for the Vy från ett luftslott Punks Jump Up remix and it will be sent out to MTV, ZTV and other TV-stations. The remix will be released as physical one track CD single July 2.

July 7 a web TV series about kent shot in their studio Psykbunkern in Stockholm called "Stjärnorna i Psykbunkern" will premiere at the Swedish public service music TV blog site PSL. Per Sinding-Larsen is one of the three persons behind the project and he was also one of the persons behind the 2001 kent documentary "Så nära får igen gå - Ett år med kent". Around 25 short episodes of the kent web TV series will be published at the PSL blog continuously during the summer. Fans in Sweden can win one of 12 tickets to the sneak preview of the series in Stockholm June 30 by joining a competition at the PSL blog.

Since the Norwegian Quart festival has been cancelled kent will instead be playing at Skralfestivalen in Grimstad, Norway July 10. Tickets can be bought at Billetservice. For those who already bought week passes for the Quart Festival the passes can be traded for tickets to Storåfestivalen, Hove Festivalen or Arvika festivalen.

The members of the Swedish electro band Mobile Homes have put Sapporo 72 aside to do a new Mobile Homes album and Sami Sirviö from kent has produced the first single "Close". The album will be released this fall and will be produced by Sami and former Imperiet member Christian Falk.

The re-released Taiwan issue of Isola can now be found in the discography. Just like the last time it´s the European standard version of the English album repackaged with a Taiwanese OBI-strip.

There is a new interview with kent made by Swedish news agency TT Spectra during their tour rehersals. It will run in lots of Swedish newspapers and the interview was also filmed.

2008-06-16 kent single for free download, fans invited to do the video

kent - vy från ett luftslott remix single cover Yesterday night kent released a new single for free download at their official website The single is a remix of Vy från ett luftslott made by Punks Jump Up. On and through their official YouTube channel they also encourage fans to make their own video to the remix. By uploading your video as a video response to kent´s message on YouTube you enter a contest. kent has picked a very Swedish theme for this video contest: "lillördag", that means "little Saturday". It was originally a weekday night when domestic or household workers had their only night off and could go out to enjoy themselves. It was usually Wednesdays and the expression still lives on in Sweden. The video can only contain your own material. The contest is open for video responses from 16th to 23rd of June and then three finalists will be picked by kent for fans to vote on. June 26th the video voted winner by the fans will be announced. Apart from the glory the winner will also get VIP-tickets to kent´s summer concerts, a merchandise package and he or she also get´s to meet the band! Whether Vy från ett luftslott also will be released as standard CD single has not yet been confirmed by kent.

sony bmg taiwan promotion include isola More kent news: ever since Du &; Jag Döden was released in Taiwan kent has been more popular than ever within the Taiwanese indie community. Sony BMG Taiwan currently run a promotion sale called Rock N´Roll Hall of Fame where they picked out 51 classic AMG rated albums and Isola is one of these albums. Hence the English version of Isola was rereleased in Taiwan in May. Just like when Isola was originally released in Taiwan it´s a repackaged import but now with a completely new Taiwanese OBI-strip. The Taiwanese Sony BMG promotion is limited and runs until July 31st. This new repackage issue of Isola will be included in the discography shortly.

The winner´s of the prolonged spring sweepstake for five copies of the since long out of print FF/Vinternoll2 single can now be found on the previous winners page. In October a winner of a Isola US tour poster will be announced. If you aren´t already a receiver of the newsletter register here for your chance to win.

2008-06-09 quart festival cancelled and kent fans hit the museum

du &; jag kent, fan exhibition in Linköping Summer is here and now it´s only 18 days left to the kent summer tour premiere! There are still tickets left if you want to see kent with Håkan Hållström or Thåström.

Unfortunately this Friday the Norwegian Quart-festival announced that this year´s festival has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. This probably means that kent won´t be playing in Kristiansand but it has not yet been confirmed by kent. The Quart festival has filed for bankruptcy and there is yet no information about what will happen with tickets that are already sold.

On Thursday June 12 an exhibition documenting kent fans will premiere at Östergötlands länsmuseum in Linköping. The exhibition is called Du &; jag kent and Martin Roos will attend the opening. has now been online for over a year and has now had more than 40 000 visits thanks to all of you. To celebrate this the spring sweepstake has been prolonged and no less than five copies of the since long out of print double single FF/Vinternoll2 is now waiting for their winners. All winners have been contacted trough e-mail, so check your mailbox. All recipients of the newsletter will have a new chance to win as a Isola US Tour poster will be sent out to a lucky winner in October. If you haven´t already signed up for the newsletter sign up here for your chance to win and tell all your kent-friends to sign up before the end of September.

2008-05-12 thåström joins kent on tour!

thåström joins kent on tour! - photo by Jonas Linell Today it was announced that former Ebba Grön and Imperiet singer Joakim Thåström will join kent on two of their concerts this summer. Thåström will do his "almost accoustic" concert before kent´s gig in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Also today Håkan Hellström was confirmed for yet another gig together with kent this summer. He will give a concert before kent at Strömsholmen in Eskilstuna. The only kent concert this summer with no confirmed supporting act is now Norrköping. The concert in Strömstad has been moved from Bojakilen to Strömsvallen.

Check out all the tour details for the summer in the kentjunkie tour section.

Unfortunatey on Saturday Generation EX dropped from number four to number seven in the Tracks chart list.

2008-05-05 generation ex climbs in the swedish tracks chart

generation ex climbs in the swedish tracks chart This weekend Generation EX climbed from number five to number four in the Swedish Tracks chart list. To vote for kent in next weekends chart go to the Tracks website and vote before 14.00 GMT +1 today Monday.

Pictures of the korean pressing of Tillbaka till samtiden has now been added to the kentjunkie discography.

2008-05-01 three kent singles in the norwegian hit40 charts

kent has three singles on norwegian hit40 Right now kent has all three singels from Tillbaka till samtiden at the Norwegian chart list Hit40. Generation EX is currently number five in the Swedish Tracks chart list.

During April it was also confirmed that Håkan Hellström will do a joint show with kent in Strömstad as well as in Helsingborg. It is now also stated that they will do separate concerts at the same stage. Check out all the tour details for the summer in the kentjunkie tour section.

2008-04-11 håkan hellström joins kent on the helsingborg concert in july

håkan hellström promo photo The kent news keep droping in. Yesterday it was announced that Håkan Hellström will join kent at the concert at Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg July 23. If they will do two totally separate gigs or if they will do any joint performances has not been revealed. Tickets will be released today April 11 09.00 GMT 1+ at

There is no other infomation yet about joint concerts or support on the other kent gigs in Sweden this summer. However yesterday Danish revealed that kent will have no less than three bands supporting their concert in Copenhagen June 26: The Storm, Marvel Hill and Hard Candy. Tickets for the Copenhagen tickets are relesed April 11 11.00 GMT +1 at

2008-04-10 new kent summer tourdates includes copenhagen

kent - Jonas Linell promo photos Yesterday the single Generation EX was physically released in Sweden and hence the kentjunkie discography has been updated with the new single. You can buy the physical single at for example, you can view their site in english and they ship worldwide.

April 7 another three concerts were added to the kent summer tour; Strömstad, Helsingborg and Copenhagen. Checkout all the tour details for the summer at the tour section.

Did you know that kent has released 177 recorded songs since 1995? The kentjunkie song section has now been updated with all the songs fom Tillbaka till samtiden and it´s singles. Do you know of all the other 157 songs from kent´s career? You can also find out what issues to find each song at in the kentjunkie song finder.

2008-04-07 det kanske kommer en förändring translated lyrics

Today Generation EX, the third single from the kent album Tillbaka till samtiden, was digitally released in Europe. You can buy it as download at for example, or at itunes. The single will be pysically released April 9 and the instore price for the physical single will be only 29 SEK in Sweden.

The single contains a FANTASTIC new bonus track called "Det kanske kommer en förändring" (translates to "A change might come"). You will now find an english translation of the lyrics to this song in the kentjunkie lyrics section. The single also contains a cool remix of Berlin by Simon Brenting. It´s a hard and sacred remix of the original song.

2008-04-06 watch the new generation ex video

kent - Generation EX, video As of yesterday you can watch the new Generation Ex video at it is produced by the Popcore collective and features Camela and kent. The video was recorded in kent´s studio the psych bunker/park studio.

You can also vote for Generation EX at the Tracks single chart until monday GMT 14.00 +1.

All setlists from the spring tour can now be found in the kentjunkie concert section.

2008-04-03 generation ex is the new single from kent

kent - Generation EX, single cover Generation EX will be the third single from the kent album Tillbaka till samtiden. It will contain a brand new bonus track called "Det kanske kommer en förändring" (translates to "A change might come") and a remix of Berlin by Simon Brenting. The single will be released digitally April 7 and pysically April 9. The instore price for the physical single will be only 29 SEK in Sweden. The video is directed by the Popcore collective that also directed the Columbus video and it will premiere as "Fresh!" on Swedish MTV April 7.

If you havent seen Max Adolfssons fanastic photos from the gig in Malmö March 23 check them out at There are also some nice photos by Mikael Olsson there from the Sundsvall concert. Setlists will be updated shortly.

2008-03-07 yet another kent summer concert announced

Yesterday a new kent concert for this summer was announced at Lejongropen in Norrköping Sweden August 1. Tickets will be released at today March 7 at 09.00 GMT +1. Read all details about the kent summer tour in the kentjunkie tour section. You will also find the setlist from yesterdays kent concert in Örnsköldsvik in the kentjunkie concert section.

2008-03-06 new setlists and a review of the eskilstuna concert

Joakim Berg in Eskilstuna 080228 photographed by Johan Masser/ There are now new setlists for the last six concerts in the concert section. including the concert in their home town Eskilstuna. It was the first time in over five years kent played in their home town. You can read a somewhat late review of the concert in the kentjunkie review section. Also check out photos from the concert at and have a look at some other pics from the concert at the Eskilstuna Kuriren website.

2008-02-19 three more scandinavian festivals confirmed

kent plays another three festivals outside Sweden this summer It has now been confirmed that kent will play Nibe Festival in Denmark and Ruisrock plus Ankkarock in Finland this summer. Dates and venues for Stockholm, Gothenburg and Eskilstuna has also been announced along with dates for the Swedish festivals. However the concert in Strömstad has not yet been confirmed and is unsure for now. Dates, details and ticket info for the kent summer tour can be found in the kentjunkie tour section. Tickets for Stockholm, Gothenburg and Eskilstuna will be released Thursday February 21 08.00 GMT 1+ at

2008-02-18 press release: kent announces 10 more concerts this summer!


kent will play four swedish festivals this summer A new press release has been published at

"Kent are currently on a Nordic winter tour and after the last concert in Malmö March 23 the band will have done 48 concerts. A total of 130 000 tickets has been sold so far.

Today it is also decided that kent will do a total of 14 concerts this summer. Ten festivals will be visited, and three of them in Sweden. Apart from the festivals kent will do four concerts of their own in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Strömstad and Eskilstuna. On these four concerts kent will have supporting acts. Tickets for these four concerts will be released Thursday February 21 08.00 GMT +1.

Kents latest album "Tillbaka till samtiden" was 2007´s most sold album in Sweden and the band was recently awarded two Grammis, one Rockbjörn and one P3 Guld award."

The three Swedish festivals has now been confirmed; Peace &; Love Borlänge June 27, Arvika fesivalen July 4 and Storsjöyran Östersund July 31. Ruisrock, Nibe Festival and Ankkarock will probably be the three other festivals but are still unconfirmed. All confirmed details including the already known Norwegian festivals of the summertour can be found here.

Regarding the concert in Strömstad kents manager Martin Roos says the details have not bee 100% confirmed yet hence the tickets for this concert will NOT be released February 21 but later.

2008-02-17 new setlists from this weekends concerts

The setlist from this weekends concerts can now be found in the kentjunkie concert section.

2008-02-12 new setlists, pics and more

Joakim Berg in Linköping 080207, Photo copyright: Tommy Södergren Thursday last week kent played their first concert in Sweden on this years spring tour. The gig was in Linköping and you can watch pictures from the gig at The setlist from the concert along with setlists from the other shows last week can now be found in the kentjunkie concert section. You can now also find the setlist for Rock Fest Haugesund 2006 there thanks to Robert who was kind enough to send it to me. Big thanks!

You can now also find kent´s performance from the QX gala on Youtube.

Last weeks issue of Situation Sthlm (sold by and in favour of the homeless people of Stockholm) featured the only Swedish interview with kent made before they started this years spring tour. The issue (no. 128) can be ordered by contacting the magazine.

Swedish artist Lasse Lindh frequently publishes recorded covers on his website and at the moment you can find a cover of Utan dina andetag for free downloading there. Just right click and save the file from his website.

2008-02-07 kent performed at the QX Gala monday night

Joakim Berg at the 2008 QX Gala, Photo copyright: Monday night the Swedish gay magazine QX held their annual award show at Cirkus in Stockholm. The gala award people who have contributed to the Swedish gay community in different ways along with awards for book, movie, song and artist of the year. As always there were a number of secret entertainment acts and kent was one of the bands. They only did one song: Elefanter. Kent was also nominated in the category Artist of the year but did not win.

On february 28th kent are going to play in their home town Eskilstuna for the first time since 2002 and Raw Bar arranges a kent after party at the bar Harrys in downtown Eskilstuna where The Ark will be DJs. Tickets to this party can be bought through Ticnet.

You can now find setlists for the latest kent concerts in the kentjunkie concert section.

2008-01-27 setlists for the concerts on the 25th and 26th

columbus to no. 2 in the Tracks chart show january 26 2008 On Saturday the kent single Columbus climbed from numer three to number two in the Tracks chart show on radio P3. Help vote kent to number one before Monday 13.00 GMT.

You can now also find setlists for the Stavanger and Bergen concerts in the kentjunkie concert section.

2008-01-25 kent won yet another rockbjörn!

kent accepts the Rockbjörnen award for Best Swedish album 2007 Yesterday the 29th Rockbjörnen Award gala took place at Hovet in Stockholm. The gala was webcasted and kent was nominated for four awards (best Swedish group, album, song and live act of 2007) ad they won one award; best Swedish album 2007. As kent is touring in Norway they couldn´t accept the award personally and a pre-recorded video clip was shown instead. Joakim said: "We are very glad for this our tenth Rockbjörn Award and we want to thank all of you who have voted, seen our shows and bought our records. We love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you very much. Peace". Read more details about the awards kent has won in the kentjunkie award section.

You can find the Arendal setlist from last nights kent gig in the kentjunkie concert section. The concert section has been updated yet again with some new info from Henrik at If you have any info on concerts or setlists missing in the concert section please contact me.

2008-01-24 setlist from the kent tour premiere in ås, norway

kent nordic spring tour 2008, support: Familjen Yesterday kent opened their spring tour at Studentsammfunnet in Ås, Norway with Swedish electro act Familjen as support. The setlist consisted of songs mainly from Tillbaka till Samtiden, Du &; Jag Döden and Vapen &; Ammunition plus a dash of Hagnesta Hill and Isola. You can take a look at the Ås setlist in the kentjunkie concert section.

Apart from the setlist from Ås another 21 older setlists has been added to the concert section. A big thanks to Jonas Du Rietz for sending me these additional setlists. With a little help from you all the concert section will be even more correct. Keep sending me those missing setlists.

Tonight its time for the Rockbjörnen Awards gala where kent are nominated for four awards. Since kent has a concert in Norway the same evening they will probably not attend the gala but we hope kent brings home all four awards. You can watch the gala webcast at the Rockbjörnen website at 19.00 GMT tonight.

2008-01-19 kent won group of the year at the p3 guld gala!

kent group of the year at the p3 guld 
gala Yesterday kent won the Group of the year 2007 award at the 2008 P3 Guld gala. Their manager Martin Roos collected the award and said that kent couldn´t be there in person because they are rehearsing for their spring tour but they sent a big thanks to P3 and all the fans who voted for them. Next award show coming up is the Rockbjörnen Awards January 24 where kent is nominated for four awards.

Also yesterday the kent song Ingenting was featured in the Swedish edition of Let´s Dance at TV4. A good or a bad interpretation of the song? See it yourself.

2008-01-16 kent sold most albums in sweden 2007

Tillbaka till samtiden most sold Swedish album 2007 The over all Swedish chartlists for 2007 has been presented and "Tillbaka till samtiden" was the best selling album in Sweden 2007 (excluding compilations) with it´s 145 000 sold copies (including downloads).

Today is the last day to vote for kent in the Rockbjörnen Awards and on Friday its time for the P3 Guld gala where kent is nominated for Group of the year. The P3 Guld gala is broadcasted live in P3 at 20.30 GMT +1 and it will be televised in SVT1 at 21.30 GMT +1.

The concert section has now been updated with lots of new setlists. There is now 127 setlists in the concert section and with your help there can be even more. If you have a setlist that is´nt featured in the concert section please send it to me and I will include it in the list.

2008-01-10 kent won two grammis awards!

Kent wins Group of the year at the 2008 Grammis gala First of all let me wish you a good new kent year and thank you for 2007. Thanks to you has had more than 20 000 visits since the site was launced in the end of May 2007! I´m glad to see there are kent fans all over the world. All your positive feedback is greatly appreciated. I´m sure 2008 will be a great kent year, the band keeps touring and will keep serving you kent news and info. There are lots of kent news already so lets dig into it:

Yesterday it was time for the Swedish 2008 Grammis gala where kent was nominated for five awards. They received two awards: Group of the year and Album of the year. The award show was televised and kent was represented at the gala by Jocke Berg and Martin Sköld. They said they were very satisfied with the award for Group of the year and thanked the rest of the band, Harri, Martin Roos, Adam Berg and the record company. When receiving the Album of the year award Martin said "thanks to all who love us and thanks to all who hates us, you really push us forward". Also Joakim dedicated the award to Sandra Nordin, who is kent´s PR-machinery.

Kent wins Album of the year at the 2008 Grammis gala Traditionally a jury has decided who got the awards but this years the publics votes has been added to the jury votes in some categories. The public votes won kent their awards, with jury votes alone kent wouldn´t have won any of the price. In other words your votes are important! A big thanks to all fans who voted and congratulations kent! Read all the details about the Grammis Awards and other award shows in the award section and don´t forget to vote for kent in the Rockbjörnen Awards!

January 4 a new merchandise shop was launched at In the webshop you can order the kent merchandise from the ongoing tour for shipping worldwide! Check it out, there´s lots of nice Tillbaka till samtiden merchandise there!

The sweepstakes at continues. Winners of the November and December sweepstakes can be found at the newsletter subscription page. During January-February three copies of the since long out of print double CD single FF/Vinternoll2 are at stake. If you already subscribe to the newsletter you are automatically qualified for all sweepstakes and you don´t need to sign up again. Haven´t subscribed yet? Do it now for you chance to win nice things at!

2007-12-14 columbus video and kent tour dates for the summer released

kent plays four Norwegian festivals 2008 There are lots of kent news from the last couple of days: Wednesday December 12 four concert dates in Norway this summer was released:

July 3 Kristiansand, Norway, Quart festival
July 17 Tønsberg, Norway, Slottsfjell festival
July 18 Molde, Norway, International Jazzfestival
July 19 Tromsø, Norway, Bukta festival

Read more about the summer tour and how to get tickets in the new kentjunkie tour section (the Norwegian tickets has already been released). This probably also means that there will be more Scandinavian concert dates for the summer revealed soon. Will we maybe see kent play both Roskilde and Hultsfred for the first time in 10 years this summer? No information about any other dates has been released yet though. It is getting obvious that kent are really keen on touring right now, they have not announced this many concerts since 2002.

Yesterday the video for the new single Columbus was released. This time kent has used the Popcore collective to produce the video. You can watch the video at the official kent channel at Youtube.

brand new columbus video Last weekend the new kent single Columbus went straight to number 1 at the Swedish chart list Tracks. On Saturday we get to know if Columbus stays in the top. Voting for Tracks is open Saturday to Monday.

Nominations for Grammis, Rockbjörnen and P3 Guld are now finished and kent are nominated for seven awards. There is a chance for kent to be nominated for one more Grammis as nominations for best video presented by MTV is still under voting. Go to the new kentjunkie award section to read more. There you will also find all awards previously presented to kent.

The kentjunkie concert section has been updated with more old set lists plus set lists from the Copenhagen gigs last weekend. More old set lists are added continuously.

I have also added a search function for It is probably a bit rough now and you may no find everything on the site using it but it will improve over time. You can always find the search function under about in the menu.

The new issue of Zero Music magazine containing a kent-special and four different covers with each member of the band on it was delayed but has now reached the Swedish stores.

2007-12-07 kent is the winner of svenska popcupen and has the chance to win 10 other awards

awards 2007 Yesterday was the day for the big finale in Swedish Radio P3s Svenska Popcupen. The battle was between Lars Winnerbäck and kent. The winner was kent with 61% of the votes versus 39% and thus voted best Swedish artist/band by the Swedish people. A big thanks to all fans who voted and congratulations kent!!

December/January means award time and kent have the chance to win 10 awards in three award shows:

The Aftonbladet Rockbjörnen peoples choice award, Hovet Stockholm January 24

kent can be nominated in four categories:
Swedish group of the year 2007
Swedish song of the year 2007 (Ingenting)
Swedish album of the year 2007 (Tillbaka till samtiden)
Swedish live act of the year 2007
Voting for nominees is open until midnight tonight December 7. So hurry! Voting for the actual prize then opens December 12.

The Swedish music industry award Grammis, Stockholm Globe Arena January 9 2008

kent are nominated in five categories:
Album of the year 2007 - Tillbaka till samtiden
Band of the year 2007 - kent
Composer of the year 2007 (Joakim Berg / Martin Sköld)
Producer of the year 2007 (Jon Joshua Schuman / Kent)
Lyricist of the year 2007 (Joakim Berg)
Voting starts Monday December 11.

The Swedish public service radio award P3 Guld, Lorensbergsteatern Gothenburg January 18

kent are nominated for group of the year 2007
Vote before January 7.

You can now find updated set lists including the concert at Olympen in Lund December 6th in the concert section.

Also the discography has been updated with the new single Columbus.

2007-12-04 the new kent single columbus already digitally released

Columbus CDM Yesterday on December 3rd the new kent single Columbus with the brand new b-side Tick Tack was digitally released as download in Sweden. It is available as download on CDON.COM and on iTunes. Translated lyrics for the new b-side Tick Tack can be found here. The single will be released on CD December 5th.

Also yesterday the tickets for kents up coming spring tour was released. The 2 600 tickets to kent´s gig in their home town Eskilstuna February 28 was sold out in only 12 minutes. The last time kent played in Eskilstuna was in 2002. Gävle and Västerås was also sold out yesterday but there are lots of tickets left for other gigs. Updated tour plan and all details of the tour and how to buy tickets can be found here.

During thursday December 6 the big final match of Svenska Popcupen will end. Vote for kent at the Svenska Popcupen website.

2007-11-29 kent nordic spring tour 2008 details released

kent nordic spring tour 2008, support: Familjen Today the details of kent´s nordic spring tour 2008 was revealed at The band will do a 30 gig long tour starting in Ås in Norway January 23 and ending in Malmö, Sweden March 23. This time kent will bring along the Swedish electro act Familjen as support. Tickets for the two Danish shows were released November 21 by mistake but the sale has been stopped. Release date for all concert tickets are this Monday December 3 09.00 GMT +1 (except Finland where it´s at 09.00 GMT +2). Tour plan and all details of the tour and how to buy tickets can be found here.

kent special Zero Music Magazine Also on Monday Zero Music magazine release their December issue featuring a kent special. The issue will be sold with four different covers, one for each band member.

The release of Tillbaka till samtiden in Taiwan has been delayed until tomorrow Friday. Sony BMG in Korea released their own pressing of the album November 13th.

The big final match of Svenska Popcupen has begun and it´s kent against Lars Winnerbäck. Vote for kent at the Svenska Popcupen website.

It is also time to nominate artists for the 2007 Rockbjörnen award. Nominate kent at the Rockbjörnen website. Nominations are accepted until December 7. Finalists for the awards will be presented December 12th and then the voting will be open until January 16th.

Links to all kent concert photos at can now be found in the concert gallery.

After playing the Gothenburg gigs on this tour kent has now played more than 400 gigs through out their career (probably more since the concert list probably isn´t 100% accurate). Set list for the Gothenburg gigs and the first concert in Oslo has been added in the concert section. Older set lists will be added continuously.

2007-11-21 two new concerts in denmark + the new single columbus released december 5th

Joakim Berg in Stockholm 071119 photographed by Fredrik Lindblom/ Yesterday tickets for two new shows in Denmark 2008 were released; Århus February 22 and Copenhagen February 23. Tickets can be bought at This indicates that further details about kent´s spring tour is around the corner.

Columbus CDM cover Yesterday it was also confirmed that Columbus is the next single release from Tillbaka till samtiden. It will be released December 5th as a four track maxi CD single. It will contain one new b-side (Tick Tack) plus two album track remixes. One of the remixes is made by the ex Dive singer Krister Linder.

Track list:
1. Columbus
2. Columbus (Krister Linder remix)
3. Vid din sida (Max Graham Club Remix)
4. Tick Tack

Yesterday also reported that Tillbaka till samtiden now has sold triple platinum meaning more than 120 000 copies!

Monday November 19th kent played the last of four gig in Stockholm on this tour. got the chance to photograph the beginning of the show. You can see the pictures in the new concert gallery. You can also read a full review of the concert including set list here. Set list for all concerts on the tour along with older set lists can be found in the concert section. Older set lists will be added continuously.

2007-11-17 kent at Stockholm Annexet November 16th 2007 review

kent 2007 merchandise plektrums Yesterday night November 16th kent played their first gig in Sweden on their 2007 Nordic tour. It was the bands first real tour gig in Sweden since June 2005 and what a comeback! The little over 3000 people in the audience got to see a fantastic concert with an impressive and hungry kent. In the end it was hard to tell who was most happy; the band or the audience. Read a full review of the concert including set list here.

2007-11-16 more merchandise + release of tillbaka till samtiden in taiwan

more new kent mercandise Even more kent merchandise has been released. A special collection of Official Merchandise will be sold in Swedish stores like Åhléns and Ginza. Ginza started selling this merchandise November 14.

Just like with all kent albums except Kent and Verkligen Sony BMG in Taiwan will import a limited amount of the Swedish issue of Tillbaka till samtiden and repack it with a Taiwanese OBI-srip for the Taiwanese market. The release date in Taiwan is November 23.

With 66% versus 44% of the votes kent won the semifinal against Mando Diao in Swedish radio P3s Svenska Popcupen. Next weeks semifinal will decide if kent will meet Timbuktu or Lars Winnerbäck in the final.

2007-11-14 small amount of extra ticets to the gothenburg concerts released

kent at ticnet Today aroud 100 extra ticets was released for the kent concerts in Gothenburg. Ticets can be booked at

Also, don´t forget to vote for kent in the semi final in swedish radio P3s Svenska Popcupen where kent are up against Mando Diao. Go to the Svenska Popcupen website and place your vote on kent.

2007-11-08 tillbaka till samtiden still no 1 in sweden

kent - tillbaka till samtiden no 1 for the 4th week For the fourth week kent is positioned as number 1 on the Swedish album selling chart. Not even the release of The Eagles first studio album in 28 years could outsell Swedens biggest band.

Next week it is also semi final for kent in swedish radio P3s Svenska Popcupen where kent are up against Mando Diao. Go to the Svenska Popcupen website and place your vote on kent.

2007-11-05 kent tour premiere in helsinki 071104, review and setlist

kent at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki Yesterday kent had their tour premier in Helsinki and it was a fantastic concert! 1700 persons got to see and hear kent play 8 of the 11 tracks on the new album plus another 12 songs. See the set list and read a full review here. will keep you updated with dates and set lists in the concert section as soon as possible through out the tour. Next review on will be from the first gig in Stockholm.

The Swedish tabloids Aftonbladet and Expressen both rated the concert a 4 out of 5.

This saturday the single Ingenting was knocked down to number two after five weeks as number one at the Swedish chart list Tracks.

The new electronic sound from kent has already produced interest among DJ´s. The DJ Loubar has made remixes of Ingenting and Berlin. and the DJ Tobbe "Sjökexet" Carlsson at Swedish public radio P3´s Deluxe has made a versus mix of kent´s Ingenting and Outkast´s Ms. Jackson.

2007-11-02 the new kent merchandise revealed

some of the new kent merchandise On Sunday November 4th kent start their Nordic tour in Helsinki. The new merchandise that will be sold on the tour has now been revealed. As usual remaining merchandise will be sold at after the tour.

There is also a new kent channel at Jaiku where Henrik at will post reports from the kent tour. Of course will be at the Helsinki tour premiere and a review will follow next week.

Kent rule the Swedish album selling chart Hitlistan for the third week and the single Ingenting has now been number one for 5 weeks at Swedish radio P3s chart show Tracks. Kent did also beat Sahara Hotnights in the Svenska Popcupen vote off and are through to semi final where they will go up against Mando Diao.

The last couple of weeks kent has rehearsed and done lots of promotion. You can read an English interview in the Release Magazine net edition. When kent were in Norway they did a TV-performance on Norwegian TV2 in Senkveld and you can watch the performance here. Swedish TV4 also did the only in depth Swedish TV-interview with the band. You can watch part 1 and part 2 of the interview online.

On October 25th the limited vinyl issue of Tillbaka till Samtiden was released in Sweden and you will now find it in the discography. Also the gallery has been updated with the latest promo photos by Jonas Linell. Emma at took some nice pictures of kent at Pumpehuset, you can have a look at them here. About two weeks ago kent also put up all their videos in good quality at Musicbox. You can find links to each video at Musicbox in the video library.

Now there is a new sweepstake at and this time you have the chance to win the new CD Tillbaka till samtiden plus the Dom Andra single and the kent book. Haven´t signed up for the newsletter yet? Don´t miss your chance to win, sign up If you already subscribe to the newsletter you don´t need to answer the question or sign up again, you are automatically in the sweepstake. Winners of the last sweepstake was:
Uzair Siddiqi, Canada 1st prize (kent book + 747 CD Maxi (out of print UK edition)
Victor Holmberg, Sweden 2nd prize (kent book + The Hjärta &; Smärta EP
Mike Boone, USA 3d prize (kent book)
Heidi Tammisto, Finland 4th prize (kent book)
Congratulations! Prizes will be shipped shortly!

2007-10-19 tillbaka till samtiden straight to no.1 selling double platinum!

tillbaka till samtiden stright to no.1 The official release date for Tillbaka till samtiden in Sweden was October 17 but the album started showing up in Swedish stores October 12. In just one week the album sold double platinum (over 80 000 copies)!! According to the Swedish music industry magazine Tillbaka till samtiden generated 40% of all album sales in Sweden between 11th and 17th of October.

More news:

Tillbaka till samtiden is now available on iTunes.

Release date for the limited vinyl issue of Tillbaka till samtiden has been set to 24th of October.

During the week kent has signed records in Sweden. Tomorrow 20th of October they will sign records 14:00 at Platekompaniet in Oslo, Norway. Also while in Norway they will do a performance in Norwegian TV2 tonight at 22.10 in the show Senkveld.

After three weeks Ingenting is still no.1 at the Swedish chartlist Tracks. This Saturday we get to know if the single stays in the top.

kent´s producer Joshua has made a new post in his blog.

The standard an limited edition of Tillbaka till samtiden has now been added to the discography and you can find translated lyrics for all songs here.

As from this week also delivers this news page as RSS feed.

2007-10-12 kent tillbaka till samtiden already in stores in sweden

kent - tillbaka till samtiden The relasedates for Tillbaka till samtiden has not been officially changed but yesterday some of the Swedish internet stores started shipping the new kent album Tillbaka till samtiden to fans who have pre-ordered it. Some record stores in Sweden even started selling the album over the counter yesterday. Red Ink/Rough Trade reports a delay in the German release but other than that the official release dates are still unchanged:

Most internet stores: October 15 pre-order here
Denmark, Norway: October 15
Sweden, Finland: October 17
Germany: Delayed until October 26 pre-order here

As the album now is about to be released there is a lot of activity regarding kent. Two new dates have also been added for record signings (Gothenburg and Oslo):

October 16, Gothenburg (Bengans 17:00)
October 17, Stockholm (Åhléns City 17:00, Pet Sounds 19:00)
October 20, Oslo (Platekompaniet 14:00)

Aftonbladet Webbtv has made an interview with Joakim and Martin. Aftonbladet report that many people has criticized their joint venture with Sony Ericsson and in the interview Joakim says; "Some gets disappointed some think its good, other see the logic in why we are doing it. Its not like we are forcing anyone and we will not do gigs with the Sony Ericsson logo on our asses. We are releasing a music mobile phone together with them, it´s like a Walkman. The whole discussion is pretty ridiculous. The same kids that are downloading our albums illegally are whining about us trying to get or income in other ways. Then stop illegally downloading our records dammit and we will stop doing these kinds of things." Martin says in the interview: "We can´t care about what people think regardless of If they like us or not. We can only do things that we feel right about." In the printed part of Aftonbladet Jocke says: "We are interested in a long future and for us it´s about keeping our studio that bleeds money. A joint venture like the one with Sony Ericsson lets us do another album." Sami says regarding the new sound on the new album: "The thing that makes us most proud with the new album is that we had the guts to take the step. Bands in our position rarely do, they stay on the safe side. To us it was just; fuck the old stuff, let´s go".

Another interview with kent will be broadcasted in Swedish TV4 Nyhetsmorgon next Saturday morning (October 20). Furthermore Ingenting, the first single from the new album continues to do well in the Swedish charts. It stayed as number one during it´s second week at the Swedish hit list Tracks. This week it is also quarter final between Sahara Hotnights and kent in Swedish radio P3s Popcupen.

2007-10-05 kent tillbaka till samtiden launch party report

kent plektrums On thursday October 4th kent arranged a launch party in Copenhagen, Denmark. About 350 friends, journalists and people from the music industry together with a few lucky fans gathered in the small concert venue Pumpehuset for an evening with kent. We got to listen to the new album before we got to see kent perform live. On stage was a revived kent presenting a new and fresh sound with a strong electronic heartbeat. Kent are back and they are hungry. Read a full review of the launch party here.

2007-10-03 tillbaka till samtiden vinyl issue + US release of kent albums

It is now confirmed that there will be a limited vinyl issue of Tillbaka till samtiden. It will be printed in 1000 copies and it is already available for pre booking in Swedish online stores. Release date is not yet confirmed but it will probably be about 2 weeks after the regular CD release.

The US record label The First Time Records (TFT records) will release all kent´s Swedish albums starting this autumn with Du &; Jag Döden. Kentjunkie will of course keep you updated with the details regarding this.

Danish MTV reports that kent will perform four songs live at the exclusive album launch party in Copenhagen tomorrow. Kentjunkie will attend the launch party and a report will follow.

The kent single Ingenting continues to dominate the Swedish charts and sales. The single was voted directly to first place in the Swedish radio chart list Tracks September 29.

2007-09-29 tillbaka till samtiden limited edition details + sign up for the new kentjunkie newsletter and win the new kent book!

win the new kent book The first book about kent premieres this weekend at the Swedish book fair in Gothenburg. The title is "Kent: texter om Sveriges största rockband" (translates to; "Kent: texts about Sweden´s biggest rock band"). It´s a book in Swedish containing interviews, articles, chronicles and reviews, in all 69 of the best texts written about kent during their first 17 years. The book gives an in depth and full chronological history of the bands career, their music, the rock star lifestyle and their relation to the fans. On 335 pages you will find both early interviews from local newspapers and big features from magazines and national papers. Many of Sweden´s best music journalist have contributed with their texts.Fans who have pre ordered the book through Swedish internet stores got it yesterday. The Swedish book stores will have the book on their shelves October 8th. If you sign up for the all new newsletter you will have the chance to win a copy of the book along with other kent goodies! Go to the newsletter subscription page and sign up before 24.00 GMT October 21st for your chance to win!

Other news:

Today details about the Tillbaka till samtiden limited edition was confirmed on The limited edition will consists of a book with 120 pages featuring kent photos by Jonas Linell, Thomas Ökvist, Helen Svensson and Michael Hultman. The book is covered in a paper wrap with the cover art and the CD is placed in a pocket in the back. The limited edition will be printed in 15 000 copies and distributed as follows:

Sweden 10 000 copies
Norway 1 500 copies
Denmark 1 500 copies
Finland 1 500 copies
Germany 500 copies

Also today the Tillbaka till samtiden release party was also confirmed at The exclusive album launch will be held at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen 19.00 October 4th. The bands manager Martin Roos made 20 tickets to the closed launch available for the first 20 fans who saw the announcement at and e-mailed a special e-mail address.

2007-09-26 tillbaka till samtiden limited edition, record signing and a new mobile service

ingenting 13th most viewed on yotube There will be a limited edition of Tillbaka till samtiden. The issue has turned up in numerous web-stores the last couple of days however there is yet no information about the content of this edition. The limited edition will be released simultaneously with the standard issue. release dates are as follows:

Denmark and Norway October 15
Sweden and Finland October 17
Germany October 19

Kent will host a release party in Copenhagen and those who buy a Sony Ericsson mobile phone with a kent package before the party will be able to join a sweepstake where you can win one of 25 VIP tickets.

Today two record signings in Stockholm on the release day October 17 was confirmed:

Åhléns City 17:00
Pet Sounds 19:00

Also it has been reported that the new kent single Ingenting is now a gold single with 10 000 sold copies after just one week. The Ingenting video on the official kent channel on Yotube has over 50 000 viewings making it no 13 on the most watched official musicians of the week list.

All tickets to the second kent concert in Copenhagen December 9 are now sold out. This mean that there are only a few tickets left for the show in Trondheim, all other shows on the tour are sold out.

There is a new mobile service on the official kent site By submitting the number to your mobile phone in the box to the right on the start page and then clicking ok you will subscribe to kent news SMS service and you get sent the link to the mobile kent site where you find a shop with two new kent ring tones, a mobile kent forum, news archive, calendar, and mobile Kmail. There is no information on costs for the service or if it is possible to use the service if you are an international subscriber.

2007-09-23 tillbaka till samtiden tracklist revealed

The tracklist for the new kent album Tillbaka till samtiden has been published at the Norwegian Sony BMG website (the page with the titles was shut down during Sunday morning). Here are the titles with translations:

Tracklist "Tillbaka till samtiden"

1. Elefanter (Elephants)
2. Berlin (Berlin)
3. Ingenting (Nothing)
4. Vid Din Sida (At your side)
5. Columbus (Columbus)
6. Sömnen (The sleep)
7. Vy Från Ett Luftslott (View from a castle made of air OR View from a castle in Spain)
8. Våga Vara Rädd (Dare to be afraid)
9. LSD, Någon? (LSD, anyone?)
10. Generation Ex (Generation Ex)
11. Ensammast I Sverige (Loneliest in Sweden)

In sweden there is an expression; "to build a castle of air". This means to makes something up that is not there or to make something sound better than it is in reality. There is a phrase for this in the English language as well; "to build a castle i Spain". Hence the title of track 8 can be translated in two ways.

2007-09-22 kent interview i and bigger outtake from café october issue

kent photo by Jörn H. Moen September 19 there was a interview with Joakim, Sami and Markus in the Norwegian net issue of Dagbladet. You can read a translation of the article here. The picture in the article seen here to the right was taken by Jörn H. Moen.

Also the Swedish lifestyle magazine Café has published a more extensive outtake of their up coming kent interview on their website featuring a few nice new photos as well. You can read a translation of the outtake here.

2007-09-21 ingenting is doing well in the charts and joakim berg talk´s about why harri left kent

ingenting enters the charts at no 2 More kent news; After just 3 days in the stores the new kent single has already propelled it´s way to number two in the Swedish single sales chart that was published Thursday September 20. This probably means the single will reach No. 1 next week. The video has its tv-premiere in Swedish TV4´s morning show Friday 21 st and the release of the video will probably increase sales even more. When it comes to air play "Ingenting" was the second most played song on radio in Sweden just one day after the release.

kent tops itunes Itunes in Sweden is topped by kent. The band tops the song list with Ingenting and Min värld as well as the album list as the Ingenting single has 5 tracks and thus counts as an EP.

Also yesterday Expressen published a piece about Harri Mänty´s decision to leave kent that is taken from the up coming interview in Café. According to Expressen there were different points of view and numerous discussions that lead to Harri Mänty´s decision to leave kent.

"-He is our friend. In that way it was strenuous as hell, says Joakim Berg to Café.
-His defection was not expected that´s for sure, says Martin Sköld. For a long period of time the band had had discussions about their music. Harri Mänty´s opinions differed compared to the others.
-Harri came to the band later and from another musical background. The rest of us like the same things. It gets weird when you notice that someone in the band doesn´t like the music in the same way, says Joakim Berg.
He continues: -It spreads uncertainty that gets in the way. A bit like a door stop. In that way it was a relief when the decision finally came.
Sami Sirviö means it was a big step for Harri to take. -I was chocked that it was even possible to quit this band. It was brave of him to find the guts to take that step, he says.
They don´t think the band would survive yet another defection. - That would brake us up. In that case we would split, says Joakim"

Edit 16.25: Yesterday the Swedish marketing journal Dagens Media ran an article on how kent and Adam Berg in the Ingeting video has re-used parts of the end sequence of the ATG commercial Adam Berg and Mattias Montero did for ATG at the ad-agency Åkestam & Holst in the end of last year. The article mostly talks about Adam and Jocke Berg being brothers and that Adam asked ATG to use some of the shots of horse that he filmed in New Zeeland under hard conditions and use it for a kent video. ATG said yes. They did not know about the horse on the kent album cover when Dagens Media asks them but they think its fun that there is like a red line through it all.

2007-09-20 kent interviews, kent channel at youtube and info on the sony ericsson kent edition mobile phones

kent interview in café magazine There´s full activity in the kent camp and lots of news keep popping up:

In the upcoming issue of the Swedish lifestyle magazine Café there will be a 12 pages long interview with kent. If you live in Sweden you can order and pay the magazine trough your mobile phone and get it sent home through a special discount at

Also on September 17th, on the day of the release of the new kent single Ingenting a 10 minute interview with Joakim Berg and Sami Sirviö was broadcasted on the radio show P3 Populär on the Swedish public service channel P3. You can listen to the interview at the P3 Populär website or you can read a translated transcript of the interview here at

More news: Sony BMG has opened a special kent channel at YouTube. At the moment you can watch the new Ingenting video but there is also a video that seem to show how the members of the band are signing the Sony Ericsson kent edition mobile phones. There is also a new Sony Ericsson & kent MySpace page with further information about the Sony Ericsson kent phones. The upcoming exclusive live material from Copenhagen and kent blog described on that page will ONLY be available for persons who buy a Sony Ericsson kent phone.

2007-09-19 video and lyrics for the new kent single ingenting

kent - ingenting video The video for the new kent single "ingenting" was relased Tuseday the 18th of September. The video was made by Adam Berg and Mattias Montero. Mattias has made music videos for bands like The Cardigans, Prodigy and the Concretes. Adam and Mattias has previously worked together with commercials for Vattenfall and ATG. You can watch the video here.

Now there is also translated lyrics available for both Ingenting and Min Värld.

2007-09-18 the new kent single ingenting has been released

ingenting CDM The new kent single "ingenting" was released Monday 17th of September in Sweden both as download and CDM. The radio premier was set to be the same date as the release in the stores. Swedish public service P3 was the first station to play the new single early in the morning of the 17th. No promo copies of the single has been sent out and Sony BMG waited until the end of last week to provide the radio stations with the tracks of the single, in spite of this the first track from the single turned up on some torrent sites already Friday 14th of September. The interest for the new single release is obviously big as it caused the official kent web site to brake down during Monday. The site was up and running again later on monday but the forum is still closed due to technical difficulties.

The CDM single "ingenting" (Nothing) contains the title track "ingenting", three remixes of the song plus a b-side called "Min Värld" (My World). It is clearly a more up tempo and danceable kent that is back with a new sound. Lyrics and complete update in the discography will be added shortly.

Tracklist "ingenting" CDM

  • 01. Ingenting
  • 02. Ingenting (Alex Dolby and Santos remix)
  • 03. Ingenting (Shieldster remix)
  • 04. Ingenting (Copyfokking rmx)
  • 05. Min värld

2007-09-07 the new kent single and album will be released in Germany

RED INK Germany, a subsidiary of Sony BMG is going to release kent´s new single and album in Germany. The single Ingenting will be released in Germany September 21 and the album Tillbaka till samtiden will be released October 19. The issue is the same as the one released in Sweden. Both the album and single is said to be released on itunes in Germany and you can already pre-order Ingenting and Tillbaka till samtiden on For information about kent in german visit

2007-09-04 kent cooperates with sony ericsson to launch the new album "tillbaka till samtiden"

Today kent issued this press release:

Kent and Sony Ericsson in cooperation around the new album

kent branded cell phone During the launch of the new album "Tillbaka till samtiden" kent will cooperate with Sony Ericsson. For example the new single "Ingenting" released to the stores September 17th will be available earlier for those who purchase a new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone. This will happen 24 hours before the single is available for purchase.

Later this fall an exclusive kent-edition of the coming phone W910 will be launched. W910 kent-edition contains the album "Tillbaka till samtiden", themes, backgrounds and unique ringtones. There will also be opportunities to win tickets to the already sold out concerts.

- To launch music through mobile phones feels like a natural development, says kent´s manager Martin Roos.

- kent is Swedens biggest band but has never done a cooperation like this. Hence of course it feels very exciting to launch this project. kent see´s mobile phones as an important carrier of music and we have had a close dialogue during the design of the kent edition W910. We hope and believe that both we and kent will reach big success through this cooperation, says Ola Lilja Molén, nordic marketing manager for Sony Ericsson.

- We got an offer we couldn´t turn down, says kent.

If you purchase a Sony Ericsson W580,W660 or a W880 during September 10 - October 16 you get:

  • the new single "Ingenting" (released 24 hours prior to ordinary sales)
  • 5 backgrounds
  • 1 theme
  • access to exclusive live material
  • access to the blog using the wap-portal Max 500
  • opportunity to win concert tickets to kent´s already sold out concerts

Sony Ericsson W910 kent limited edition will be available from October 17 and contains:

  • Sony Ericsson W910 in a package designed by kent
  • the new album "Tillbaka till samtiden"
  • 12 backgrounds
  • 3 themes
  • 8 unique ringtones
  • 2 sceensavers
  • direct link to and the wap-portal Max 500.

In addition every 100 phone is signed by all members of the band.

2007-09-04 markus mustonen and sami sirviö are dj´s on the rydes bar 20 year anniversary

On Friday September 28 there will be a 20 year anniversary of the club Rydes Bar at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden. Artists like Lars winneräck, Nina Persson, Thåström, Titiyo, Damn!, Ebbot Lundberg, Jakob Hellman, The Creeps, Eggstone and Cristian Kjellvander will appear on stage.

Among the DJ´s are Markus Mustonen and Sami Sirviö. Tickets will be released at Ticnet Wednesday September 5.

2007-08-31 hi-fi klubben gives a taste of the upcoming kent interview in gaffa magazine

kent in the Hi-Fi Klubben catalouge In their new Swedish and Danish catalouges the Nordic Hi-Fi Store Hi-Fi Klubben has published parts of the upcoming kent interview that will be featured in the october issue of the free Danish music magazine GAFFA. PDF versions of the Hi-Fi Klubben catalouges with pictures and parts of the GAFFA interview can be found in both Swedish and Danish. The part of the interview published in the catalogues talks about good sound versus bad. Jon "Joshua" Schumann says that some big Hi-Fi productions sound far from the original recordings, that it´s an illusion. Music doesn´t need to sound as it did when it was recorded but it should be captivating and it should work both technical and musical, sound is less important than content. Joakim Berg says that an original sound that sounds new and different is most important. He mentions Radioheads "OK Computer" as an example of an album with an interesting sound. Jon then mentions albums he thinks have good and bad sound before Joakim answer what kent albums he thinks sounds best; Hagnesta Hill and Vapen & Ammunition.

Some other info teasing for the upcoming interview along with lots of photos from the studio in Allaire have also been published at In the interview the new album from kent is described by the journalist as lighter then the last album and sometimes also danceable. Some new work titles (translated to English here) are also mentioned; "Elephant" a catchy electro tune with Depeche Mode feel, the pulsating "View from a castle in Spain" and "Ingenting" that has the potential to be the bands biggest hits ever. Other work titles mentioned are "LSD System", "Tick Tack", "At your side", "Berlin" and "Loneliest in Sweden". It is also revealed that "Feeling in the car" was a work title for the album. The full interview in the October issue of GAFFA will reveal why they wanted Jon Schumann as their new producer as well as why the collaboration with Harri Mänty ended.

2007-08-24 the gallery updated

The kent gallery has been updated with lots of new photos by Jonas Linell. I want to thank Jonas again for letting me publish his fantastic photos. Get directly to the gallery here.

2007-08-23 kent through to quarter final in the p3 pop cup

Today the Swedish radio station P3 declared kent as winner over The Ark in the first round of the P3 Pop Cup 2007 and played three kent songs as a tribute (Kräm, Utan dina andetag and Dom andra). Lots of listeners voted and kent won with 61,5% of the votes. This means kent is through to the quarter finals and next week the listeners decided if kent will go up against Melody Club or Sahara Hotnights. You can find the P3 Pop Cup website here.

2007-08-21 kent vs the ark in p3 pop cup

August 23rd the swedish national radio station P3 starts the 2007 Pop Cup. 16 Swedish bands and artists are put up in a duel were the listeners judge their faith. Each Thursday sometime between 10.00 and 13.00 in the radio show Populär (Popular) one participant will be voted off and the winner will be tributed with three songs in the show and continues to battle in the contest. Each Monday an expert will comment the battle of the week. One over all winner will be announced in November. First out in the P3 Pop Cup 2007 is kent and The Ark. Vote for kent here before Thursday August 23rd!

2007-08-20 third show in helsinki sold out!

The tickets for the new extra show in Helsinki November 6th sold out quickly today. There are still a few tickets left for kent´s show in Trondheim and the second show in Copenhagen, the rest of the tour is sold out.

Updated tour plan can be found here.

2007-08-16 the new kent single "ingenting" will be released 17th of september! + new extra show in helsinki!

kent - ingenting CDM Today a new press release was announced at


One month before the release of the album "Tillbaka till samtiden" ("Back to our time") the single "Ingenting" ("Nothing") will be released.

The single will be a maxi single and it will also be avialable in download format. A ringtone is already available for download within the Nordic countries. In November and December kent will go on a nordic tour. The album "Tillbaka till samtiden" is released on the 17th of October."

If you live in the Nordic countries the ring tone with a looped sample can be bought through your cell phone by sending a text message with the word KENT to one of these following numbers:

72445 [Sweden, 25 SEK]
1940 [Denmark, ? DKK]
2201 [Norway, 35 NOK]
17163 [Finland, ? FIM]

You can listen to the ring tone at

Tickets for a new extra show in Helsinki November 6th will be released 20th of August!

This means the tour is now at 18 shows and about 45 000 released tickets. Regarding the rest of the tour there are a few tickets left for kent´s show in Trondheim and the second show in Copenhagen, all other shows are sold out. It has been clearly stated by United Stage that there will be no more concerts this year in Sweden. Earlier this month United Stage also said: "This year kent will only do shows in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim, Gothenburg, Lund & Copenhagen. This means there will be no other shows in any other cities apart from these this year. However kent will do concerts in other cities in all the Nordic countries during February and March next year."

The band has also left a small message to their fans:

"- We are positively surprised by the big interest. It feels like a warm welcome back. We promise to do our best. As usual. /kent july 27 2007"

Updated tour plan can be found here.

2007-08-13 extra concert in helsinki november 5ht sold out!

This morning the tickets for the extra concerts in Helsinki 5/11 and Oslo 30/11 was released. The tickets for Helsinki quickly sold out which means there are now only tickets available for Oslo, Trondheim and Copenhagen.

2007-08-11 tickets to extra concerts in helsinki and oslo released august 13th

Today United Stage announced two new extra concerts: Helsinki 5/11 and Oslo 30/11. Tickets will be released 09.00 on August 13 (GMT +2 for Oslo tickets and GMT +3 for Helsinki). This means the total amount of tickets released for this tour will be a bit over 40 000.

2007-08-03 tickets to the kent 2007 tour almost totally sold out

Today on the 3rd of august the tickets for kent´s second show in Oslo was sold out as well as the tickets for the first concert in Copenhagen. This means there are only tickets left for Trondheim and the last show in Copenhagen. The total amount of tickets released up to date is just under 40 000 for the 15 shows announced compared to kent´s last Scandinavian tour when 185 000 tickets were released for 14 shows. It is obvious that kent wants this tour to be more intimate.

2007-08-02 tickets to the kent concerts in sweden and finland sold out

The tickets for the two extra concerts in Sweden that was released this morning are sold out. The tickets to the tour premiere in Helsinki are also sold out. There are still tickets for kents concerts in Oslo, Trondheim and Copenhagen.

2007-08-01 tickets to three more extra kent concerts released tomorrow

Today it was announced at that tickets for another three extra concerts (Stockholm 19/11, Gothenburg 25/11 & Copenhagen 9/12) will be released tomorrow Thursday 09.00 (GMT +2). There are still tickets for kents concerts in Oslo, Trondheim and Copenhagen. There are also a few tickets left for the tour premiere in Helsinki.

2007-08-01 tickets to extra kent concerts sold out in 12 minutes

This morning tickets to four extra concerts on kents scandinavian tour was released. The tickets for the swedish extra concerts sold out in only 12 minutes. This means all tickets to kent´s Swedish concert are sold out. There are still tickets for kents concerts in Oslo, Trondheim and Copenhagen. There are also a few tickets left for the tour premiere in Helsinki.

2007-07-30 extra kent concerts in four cities

Today the following information was published on
This Friday it took 16 minutes to sell out the concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg. After 45 minutes all tickets to all kent´s concerts in Sweden were sold out. During the weekend all tickets for the Oslo concert November 28th has sold out too. It is now decided that kent will do a number of extra concerts. On Wednesday August 1st 09.00 (GMT +2) tickets will be released for the following extra concerts:

18/11 Stockholm - Annexet
24/11 Gothenburg - Lisebergshallen
29/11 Oslo - Sentrum Scene
7/12 Lund - Olympen

For information about ticket bookings and other tour dates, read below.

2007-07-27 extra kent concerts in sweden to be announced

Today the following information was published on
"The concerts with kent in Stockholm and Gothenburg sold out in 16 minutes. After 45 minutes all tickets to all kent´s concerts in Sweden were sold out. There will be extra concerts in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund but we can´t yet say what dates. Ticket releases during vacation season isn´t always the easiest thing... There will be one extra concert in each city. Of course in the same venues and within the same period as the concerts already announced. We will announce this on monday. Tickets to these concerts will be released Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Yet again; all information regarding this will be announced on Monday. Have a nice weekend!
PS There are still tickets left for Helsinki, Oslo and Copenhagen."

The band has also left a small message to their fans:

"- We are positively surprised by the big interest. It feels like a warm welcome back. We promise to do our best. As usual. /kent july 27 2007"

2007-07-27 all swedish tickets for kents 2007 concerts sold out

The tickets for kent´s concerts in Sweden sold out in only 45 minutes! The concert in Stockholm November 17th and the concert in Gothenburg were sold out after just over 10 minutes. Tickets are still available for kent´s concerts in the other Nordic countries (see below).

2007-07-26 update on kent tour dates and tickets

Today some new info regarding kent´s tour was published on the bands official webpage The band will ONLY do concerts in the cities already announced this year. However kent will do concerts in other cities in all the Nordic countries during February and March next year. Tickets for Copenhagen are ALREADY AVAILABLE for booking, ALL other tickets for 2007 WILL be released tomorrow Friday 27th of July 09.00 (GMT +2 except Finland GMT +3).

2007-07-18 the new kent album "tillbaka till samtiden" will be released october 17 and tour dates for 2007 have been released

Today the following press release was sent out by kent: "The recordings of the seventh album began in November 2006 at Allaire studios Shokan New York. In the beginning of 2007 the work continued at Psykbunkern/Park Studio. In June we returned to Allaire and mixed the album. Jon "Joshua" Schumann did the producing together with us. The title is "Tillbaka till samtiden" ("Back to our time"). It is of course the best material we have ever produced. See you on the tour. Thanks & Sorry. / kent, July 2007"

"Tillbaka till samtiden" is released October 17. During the autumn/winter kent is heading out on a tour starting in Helsinki fourth of November.

4/11 Helsinki Kultuuritalo (House of Culture)
16/11 Stockholm Annexet
17/11 Stockholm Annexet
23/11 Gothenburg Lisebergshallen
28/11 Oslo Sentrum scene
1/12 Trondheim Spectrum
6/12 Lund Olympen
8/12 Copenhagen KB Hallen

Tickets for concerts in Sweden will be released Friday 27th of July 09.00 (GMT +2). More dates will be announced. Tickets for the Swedish concerts will be sold via Ticnet +46 77-170 70 70, and all Swedish ATG and Ticnet sales representatives.

Unfortunately due to Swedish laws concerning sound levels there is a 13 year age limit at kent´s concerts in Sweden. We are sorry about this.

2007-06-28 book about kent to be published in september

A book in Swedish about kent´s career will hit the Swedish stores 25th of september this year. It´s an unauthorized book written by the Swedish music journalist Håkan Steen. Håkan Steen writes for Sonic magazine and the tabloid Aftonbladet. The book will be a chronological document covering kents career from 1990 up until today. The book is going to be called "Så nära får ingen gå - texter om rockbandet kent" (Closer than allowed - texts about the rockband kent) and will consist of collections of interviews, articles, chronicles and reviews. Reverb is the company that will publish the book and they promise a detailed, thorough and exhaustive book with all the most essential material that has been written about kent the last 17 years. The book will be 13 x 21 cm in format and will hold 380 pages including pictures. In an official comment on the bands forum at the band and their manager Martin Roos says none of them knew about this book, that it is a unofficial book and that none of the members have participated or contributed with any exclusive material.

2007-06-17 kent mixes the new album in the usa

Kent is yet again in Shokan N.Y. to mix their new album at Allaire Studios. At the bands official website there is a pic from the studio in Shokan and greetings from the band.

2007-06-11 martin sköld goes beach boy

Martin Sköld has produced a cover of the Beach Boys classic "God only knows". It is featured in a swedish TV-commercial for the pension fund AMF produced by the ad-agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Forsman & Bodenfors says only the material needed for the commercial was recorded and that there is no full song. There are no plans to release the material primarily due to legal issues concerning copyrights. Forsman & Bodenfors also produced the 2004 TV-commercials for JC where music produced by Martin Sköld and Nåid was used. The music from that campaign was later released on single under the name Peking Laundry.

2007-05-31 the recordings of the new kent album has ended

The bands new producer Joshua reports on in his blog that the final recordings for the new album as been made and that he will start mixing it soon. He also writes; "The studio is great, Stockholm is beautiful, the music is spectacular and what can I say about the people? - Best session ever. No contest." There are also some pics of the studio in the blog.

2007-05-23 the forum is reopened

Finally the forum at is open again. It was closed due to two reasons: firstly the old system was outgrown and a new forum was gonna be implemented and secondly several security problems was discovered in the old forum. It has taken Henrik the webmaster at four months to launch a new forum. Unfortunately it was not possible to move the 760 000 posts in the old forum to the new one in spite of several attempts. Hence its a completely new and fresh forum you will find at Some key material will be moved from the old forum to the new and all 19 000 users have been moved to the new forum, however you need to reactivate your account. Thanks to Henrik for a huge job getting the new forum in place. Just like the old forum the new one has a section for english speaking fans.

2007-05-23 is online!

After more than a year of work is now finally online. is firstly meant to be a complete discography of all official kent releases but it is also meant as an international source of information regarding news about kent´s musical career. We welcome all visitors and if you want to give feedback you can do so by using the contact form or the guestbook under "about" in the menu. Enjoy!

2007-05-07 new edition of "ask kent"

It has become a tradition that kent answers questions from their fans through their official webpage during the time of finishing and mixing a new album. "Fråga kent" or "Ask kent" is now up and running for the fourth time. The band answers as many questions they can in between recording and mixing.

2007-04-05 more news from joshua

Kent´s new producer Jon "Joshua" Schumann writes more news in his blog; "The album is coming along wonderfully and I can´t wait for you guys to hear the result".

2007-02-07 news from joshua

Kent´s new producer Jon "Joshua" Schumann writes in his blog that he has temporarily moved to Stockholm to work on kent´s new album. Concerning kent´s new material he writes "I love it - and I am sure you will too".

2007-01-28 the forum on the official kent site is temporarily closed

Due to a security issue the forum on kent´s official site is temporarily closed. The forum is being moved to a completely new system and this operation will take time. The webmaster at asks all kent fans to be patient, the new forum will be even better than the old one.

2007-01-09 sad news; harri mänty has left kent

Kent´s manager Martin Roos announced today in a official press release on that Harri Mänty quit the band; "Harri has felt a lack of motivation for a while and during the planning of the new album he took the decision to leave the band. We are still friends."
This is a translation of Martin´s and Jocke´s comments in the official forum at
Martins comment:
"Hi! Lets not paint the famous devil in front of us. Changes is something healthy and doesnt always have to be the end of the world. Sure, its been a bit empty but what can you do? Things like this happens some times. There is really not much to say about this that Roosa" (Martin Roos) haven´t already written but I want to take the opportunity to tell you that we wont be recruiting a replacement (if we did he would probably leave kent by the time of 2016 according to kent guitarist-tradition). Our dear Harri will probably write a few words here when he gets the time so keep a lookout. We have now come to terms with the fact that its us four again. That´s the way it will be and we feel very hungry. Let´s fucking go! Happy New Year! Martin Sköld"
Jockes comment:
"Hi This didn´t happen today if that´s what any of you thought. We have been living with this for a while now. Had some time to digest it. But that´s not the case for you. We didn´t really know how to present this to you. Today a magazine got a hold of the story and called us and asked the question. We chose to precede them. This wasn´t really the way we wanted to present this. But now its out and since there never is a perfect occasion to present bad news this day was as good as any. The weather was bad enough so to speak. Anyway Harri will be warm at heart when he reads all your tributes. He deserves it. The rest of us I back where we started, Before the first record, before Martin Roos joined. Before Verkligen. We are even tighter now. The songs me and Martin has written is definitely the best we have ever done. The band is more important to us than it has ever been. There are NO excuses to do something half hearted. There are NO excuses to do bad music. There are NO excuses not to do the best album ever. To quote (Thomas) Di Leva: Vi har bara varandra" (all we have is each other). Thanks."

2006-12-01 kent has started recordings of their 7th album

Today kent released this official press release;
"In the beginning of November kent went to Allaire Studios, Shokan, New York State, to begin recordings of their seventh album. The album is produced by Jon "Joshua" Schumann together with kent. The sessions in Allaire Studios ended November 21st and will continue in Stockholm during the winter and spring. Kents new album is scheduled for release during autumn 2007."
Jon "Joshua" Shumann has previously worked with bands like Kashmir, Mew and Carpark North. Surf to Josuha on MySpace or to Allaire Studios site.
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